Track Your IGNOU Assignment : New Update as of January 29th, 2024!

Track Your IGNOU Assignment : New Update as of January 29th, 2024!

Attention, IGNOU students! Want to stay on top of your assignment submissions and avoid any last-minute stress? Look no further! This post brings you the latest update on checking your IGNOU assignment submission status as of January 29th, 2024.

IGNOU Assignment

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead:

Staying informed about your assignments is crucial for academic success. This update ensures you can easily track your submissions and plan accordingly.

How to Check Your Status: IGNOU Assignment

1. Visit the Official Website: Head over to This is the official IGNOU portal for checking your assignment status.

2. Enter Your Details: Provide your enrollment number and select your program code from the drop-down menu. Be sure to enter accurate information for accurate results.

3. Click Submit: Press the “Submit” button, and voila! Your assignment submission status will be displayed on the screen.

What You’ll See: IGNOU Assignment

The portal will show you the details of your submitted assignments, including:

  • Course name and code
  • Assignment deadline
  • Submission date (if applicable)
  • Status (e.g., submitted, not submitted, awaiting evaluation)

Benefits of Checking Your Status:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing your assignments are submitted on time ensures you’re on track for academic success.
  • Identify missing submissions: Quickly spot any assignments you might have missed, allowing you to take prompt action.
  • Track progress: Monitor your progress throughout the semester and stay motivated.
  • Plan ahead: Knowing which assignments are pending evaluation helps you prioritize your study time effectively.

Stay Updated: IGNOU Assignment

Remember, this update is as of January 29th, 2024. Always check the official IGNOU website for any further updates or changes to the process.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Check your IGNOU assignment submission status regularly and ensure a smooth academic journey.


Checking your IGNOU assignment submission status regularly is a simple yet powerful way to stay organized, ensure your academic success, and avoid unnecessary stress. Remember, the official portal is just a click away, so make it your trusted companion on your IGNOU journey. So, students, what are you waiting for? Head over to the portal, check your status, and conquer those assignments with confidence!


Q: When can I check my assignment submission status?

A: You can check your status anytime via the official IGNOU portal:

Q: What information do I need to check my status?

A: You will need your 10-digit enrollment number and your program code.

Q: What does the status information tell me?

A: The portal will show you the course name and code, assignment deadline, submission date (if applicable), and the status (e.g., submitted, not submitted, awaiting evaluation).

Q: What if my assignment status shows “Not Submitted” even though I submitted it?

A: It could be due to processing delays. Wait a few days and check again. If the status persists, contact your study center for assistance.

Q: Can I submit my assignments online?

A: Currently, IGNOU assignments must be submitted in handwritten format, not online.

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