Does IGNOU Provide Free Books? Unveiling IGNOU’s Book Policy and Study Material Access – See Here

Does IGNOU Provide Free Books? Unveiling IGNOU’s Book Policy and Study Material Access – See Here

IGNOU Provide Free Books

Studying with the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) brings numerous advantages, including flexible learning opportunities and a wide range of courses. One question that often arises is whether IGNOU provides free books to its students. In this article, we delve into the book policy of IGNOU, exploring the availability of free books, alternatives to acquiring study materials, and guidelines for accessing learning resources. Let’s uncover the truth behind the question: Does IGNOU provide free books?

Does IGNOU Provide Free Books?

To answer the burning question, let’s examine IGNOU’s book policy in detail.

1. IGNOU’s Book Policy Overview

IGNOU acknowledges the importance of study materials for its students and provides a comprehensive book policy to ensure easy access to learning resources. The university offers two options for acquiring study materials: free books and self-learning materials.

2. Free Books at IGNOU

Obtaining free books is possible, but it is important to note that IGNOU does not provide all course books for free. The availability of free books varies depending on the program and course you are enrolled in.

IGNOU Provide Free Books

2.1 Eligibility for Free Books

To be eligible for free books, students must fulfill certain criteria, which include:

  • Enrolled in a program where free books are provided
  • Meeting the minimum duration of the program
  • Regularly re-registering for the subsequent years/semesters

2.2 Free Books Distribution Process

Once eligible, students can obtain free books through the following process:

  1. Select the relevant course during re-registration.
  2. Pay the required fees during re-registration, which includes the cost of study materials.
  3. IGNOU dispatches the study materials, including the free books, to the student’s registered address.

It is important to keep the registered address updated to ensure timely delivery.

IGNOU Provide Free Books

3. Self-Learning Materials

In addition to free books, IGNOU provides self-learning materials as an alternative option. These materials are available for purchase at IGNOU study centers, regional centers, and the official IGNOU e-commerce website.

3.1 Benefits of Self-Learning Materials

Choosing self-learning materials offers certain advantages:

  • Availability of course-specific material in a consolidated format
  • Enhanced content with additional examples and exercises
  • Access to supplementary resources such as audio-visual materials

4. Can IGNOU Students Access E-Books for Free?

Yes, IGNOU students have access to e-books through the e-Gyankosh platform. E-Gyankosh is an online repository that hosts digital study materials, including e-books, question banks, and other resources. Students can access e-books from the platform using their IGNOU enrollment number.

FAQs IGNOU Provide Free Books

Q 1: Can I get free books for all the courses I am enrolled in at IGNOU?

Answer: No, free books are available only for select programs and courses at IGNOU. The eligibility criteria for free books must be fulfilled to access them.

Q 2: How do I know if my program/course offers free books?

Answer: IGNOU provides information about free books in the program guide or prospectus. You can also contact the IGNOU regional center or browse the official IGNOU website for details.

Q 3: Can I purchase additional books apart from the ones provided for free?

Answer: Yes, you can purchase additional books and study materials from IGNOU study centers, regional centers, or the official IGNOU e-commerce website.

Q 4: What if I change my address? How can I update it to receive the free books?

Answer: It is crucial to keep your address updated in the IGNOU student portal. You can update your address by logging into your student account and following the designated process.

Q 5: Can I access e-books for all my courses at IGNOU?

Answer: While e-books are available for select courses, not all courses have e-book versions. You can check the e-Gyankosh platform to see if your course offers an e-book.

Q 6: Are the self-learning materials different from the free books?

Answer: Yes, self-learning materials are separate from the free books. They offer additional learning resources and are available for purchase.

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