IGNOU Question Papers June 2013: Download PDF

IGNOU Question Papers June 2013:Download PDF

Welcome to the world of IGNOU question papers! If you are a student of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), you may be familiar with the significance of question papers for exam preparation. In this article, we will delve into the realm of IGNOU question papers, exploring their importance, how to access them, and tips on utilizing them effectively for enhancing your performance. So, let’s embark on this journey of academic excellence together.

IGNOU Question Papers

1. Introduction

As an IGNOU student, you are aware of the unique learning experience offered by the university. IGNOU question papers play a vital role in this learning process as they provide a comprehensive understanding of the examination pattern, types of questions, and the depth of knowledge required. They serve as valuable resources for your exam preparation.

2. Importance of IGNOU Question Papers

The significance of IGNOU question papers cannot be underestimated. They offer a glimpse into the format, style, and difficulty level of the actual exams. By solving these papers, you become familiar with the examination environment and gain confidence. Additionally, IGNOU question papers allow you to assess your knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and fine-tune your study strategy accordingly.

3. Overview of IGNOU Question Papers

IGNOU question papers are designed to evaluate your understanding of the course material and assess your critical thinking abilities. They are crafted with utmost care by subject matter experts, ensuring the inclusion of various question types such as multiple-choice questions, descriptive questions, and practical exercises. These papers cover a wide range of topics, reflecting the comprehensive nature of IGNOU’s academic programs.

4. Accessing IGNOU Question Papers

Accessing IGNOU question papers is convenient and straightforward. The university provides a dedicated online platform where you can access question papers for various courses and examinations. By visiting the official IGNOU website or the eGyankosh portal, you can browse through the available question papers and download them in PDF format. This accessibility enables you to access previous years’ question papers, sample papers, and other relevant resources.

5. Benefits of Using IGNOU Question Papers

Using IGNOU question papers offers several benefits to students. Firstly, they provide an opportunity to gauge the level of preparedness for upcoming exams, enabling you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, these papers serve as a practice ground for time management, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the duration and pacing required for each section. Lastly, solving IGNOU question papers helps you develop a strategic approach to answering questions, improving your overall problem-solving skills.

6. How to Utilize IGNOU Question Papers for Exam Preparation

To make the most of IGNOU question papers during your exam preparation, it is essential to adopt an effective strategy. Begin by studying the course material thoroughly, ensuring a strong foundation of knowledge. Next, start solving question papers in a timed manner, simulating the actual exam conditions. Analyze your performance and take note of areas where you need improvement. Devote additional time to these topics, referring to your study material and seeking clarification if required. Repeat this process, gradually increasing the complexity of the question papers as you progress.

7. Tips for Effective Study Using Question Papers

To enhance your study experience using IGNOU question papers, consider the following tips:

a. Start early: Begin solving question papers well in advance of your exams to allow ample time for practice and improvement.

b. Prioritize important topics: Identify the high-weightage topics from the question papers and focus on mastering them.

c. Practice time management: Allocate specific time limits for each section of the question papers to develop your speed and accuracy.

d. Analyze and learn from mistakes: Review your answers and understand the areas where you made errors. Learn from these mistakes to avoid repetition in the actual exams.

e. Seek guidance if needed: If you encounter difficulties while solving the question papers, reach out to your professors, tutors, or fellow students for clarification and guidance.

1.SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (SOMS) प्रबंधन अध्ययन विद्यापीठ (एसओएमएस)  
              I.             Preparatory Course in Commerce (Includes PCO-01)June 2013 
           II.             Certificate- in Business Skill s/Bachelor’s Degree Programme (Includes BCOA-001)June 2013 
           III.             Certificate in NGO SOMS (Includes BMS-001 to 003)June 2013 
          IV.             Certificate in Entrepreneurship (CIE-001-005)June 2013 
            V.             Diploma in  Retailing (Includes BRL-001 to 004, BRL 6-8,BRL 10-15)June 2013 
           VI.             Bachelor Degree Programme (Application Oriented Courses (Includes AED-1, AMK-1, AOM-1, ASP 1)June2013 
         VII.             Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Includes ECO-1 to 3,ECO-5- 14)June 2013 
    VIII.             Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations/ Masters of Commerce (Includes IBO-01 to 06, MCO-1, MCO-3 to 7)June 2013 
         IX.             Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Research SOMS (Includes PGDTRM-01 to 07)June 2013 
           X.             Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Market Practices (includes MFP-1 to 5)June 2013 
         XI.             Management Programme (Includes MS-1 to 11, MS-21 to 28, MS-41 to 46 , 51 to 58, 61 to 66, 68, 91 to 97, 422 to 425, 494 to 495 611-612 ,611,612)June 2013 
2.SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (SOE)  शिक्षा विद्यापीठ (एसओई) 
             I.             Certificate in Guidance (Includes NES-101 to 104)June 2013 
           II.             Certificate in Primary Education (Includes CPE-1 to 4)June 2013 
         III.             Certificate in Elementary Teacher Education (Includes MES-021to 023, MESE-011 to 014)June 2013 
        IV.             Diploma in Primary Education (Includes ES-201 to 204, ES- 211 to 213, ES-221 to 222)June 2013 
          V.             Bachelor of Education (Includes ES-331 to 335, ES-341 to 345, ES-361 to 364, BESE-065, 066, 046)June 2013 
        VI.             Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management (Includes MES-004 to 008 &014)June 2013 
      VII.             Post Graduate Diploma in Educational SOMS and Administration (Includes MES-045 to MES-048)June 2013 
    VIII.             Post Graduate Diploma In Higher Education Management (Includes MES-071 to MES-074)June 2013 
         IX.             P.G. Diploma In Pre Primary Education (PGDPPED) (Includes MES-081 to MES-084)June 2013 
           X.             Master of Arts( Education) / Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology (Includes MES-011 to 016,  MES-031 to 034, MES-041 to 044, MES-101 to 104, and MES-111 to 115)    June 2013 
         XI.             Master of Education (Includes MES-051 to 56, MESE-057 to 062, MESE-064, 066, 067)June 2013 
       XII.             Diploma In Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed.) (Includes BES-001 & 2,4,8 to 10)June 2013 
3.SCHOOL OF CONTINUING EDUCATION (SOCE) सतत शिक्षा विद्यापीठ (एसओसीई) 
i.Certificate Programme in Food and Nutrition (Includes CFN-1 to 3)June 2013 
ii.Certificate in Nutrition & Child Care (Includes CNCC- 1, 2)June 2013 
iii.Certificate Programme in Food Safety (Includes BFN- 001 to 003)June 2013 
iv.Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (Includes DNHE-1 to 3)June 2013 
v.Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Includes DECE- 1 to 3)June 2013 
vi.Diploma in panchayat level  administration and development(Includes BPR-001 to 003,005)June 2013 
vii.Bachelor Degree Programme (Includes ACC-1, ANC-1 and ERD-1)June 2013 
viii.P.G. Diploma in Rural development (Includes RDD-6, 7)June 2013 
ix.Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service SOMS (Includes MFN-001 to 010)June 2013 
x.Master of Arts (Rural Development) (Includes MRD-101 to 103, MRD-004, MRDE-101, MRDE-002, 003, 004)June 2013 
xi.Master of science in counselling and  family therapy and post graduate Diploma in counselling and family(Includes MCFT-001 to 007,MCFTE-001 to 003)June 2013 
4.SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCE (SOHS) स्वास्थ्य विज्ञान विद्यापीठ(एसओएचएस) 
             I.             Certificate in Health Care Waste SOMS (Includes BHM-001 to 002)June 2011 
           II.             Certificate In Adolescent Health AndCounselling (CNS-AH-001/002)June 2011 
         III.             Certificate in Newborn and Infant Care (Includes BNS-015)June 2011 
        IV.             Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care (Includes BNS-017 to 018)June 2011 
          V.             Certificate in Diabetes Care for Community Worker TEE(CNS-DC-001)June 2011 
        VI.             Certificate Programme for Home Based Care Providers(CNS-HC-001)June 2011 
      VII.             Certificate In Competency Enhancement For Anm/Fhin (CCEANM) (BNS-001 to 004)June 2011 
    VIII.             Diploma in Nursing Administration (Includes BNS-011 to 014)June 2011 
         IX.             Diploma In Critical Care In Nursing (Includes BNS-031 to 032)June 2011 
           X.             Bachelor of Science -Nursing (Includes BNS-101 to BNS-111)June 2011 
         XI.             Bachelor of Science – Optometry AND Ophthalmic Techniques (Includes BOS-001,BOS-003 to 005, BOS-007 to 015)June 2011 
       XII.             Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health SOMS (Includes DHHM-1 to 3)June 2011 
     XIII.             Post Graduate Diploma in District Health SOMS (DDHM-1 to 3)June 2011 
    XIV.             Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal & Child Health (Includes MME-201 to 203)June 2011 
      XV.             Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (Includes MME-004, 005)June 2011 
    XVI.             Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (Includes MCC-001 to 007)June 2011 
  XVII.             Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontics (MDT-001 to MDT-003)June 2011 
    XVIII.             Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Implantology (MDT-004, 005)June 2011 
       XIX.             Post Doctoral Certificate In Dialysis  Medicine (MCMD-001 to 003)June 2011 
        XX.             Post Graduate Diploma In HIV Medicine (MCMM-001 to 004)June 2011 
5.STAFF TRAINING & RESEARCH IN DISTANCE EDUCATION (STRIDE)दूर शिक्षा के लिए कर्मचारी प्रशिक्षण एवं शोध संस्थान (स्ट्राइड) 
i.Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (Includes ES-311 to 314,  ES-318)June 2013 
ii.Master of Arts in Distance Education (Includes ES-315 to 317, ES-319 MDE-411 to 414 and MDE-418)June 2013 
6.SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (SOET) अभियांत्रिकी एवं प्रौद्योगिकी विद्यापीठ (एसओईटी) 
             I.             Certificate in Craft and Design (Pottery) (Includes OET-001)June 2013 
           II.             Certificate in Shoe Upper Cutting (Includes OET-011 to 012)June 2013 
         III.             Certificate in Shoe Upper Stitching (Includes OET-021 to 022)June 2013 
        IV.             Certificate in Shoe Lasting and Finishing (Includes OET-032)June 2013 
          V.             Certificate in Leather Goods Making (Includes OLG-001,002)June 2013 
        VI.             Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (CCPD) (Includes OEE-001 to 002)June 2013 
      VII.             Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution SOMS (Includes BEE-001 to 003)June 2013 
    VIII.             Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCLE) (Includes BCE-024, 025, 031 to 034, 041 to 045, BEE-031, 041, 042, BET-011 to 017, BET-021 to 024, 026, 037, 038, 045, BME-032 to 034, 043, 044)June 2013 
         IX.             Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCLE-G) (Includes BCE-046, 051, 052, 061, 062, BCEE-052, 061, BET-036)June 2013 
           X.             Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Includes BME-050 to 063)June 2013 
         XI.             Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DMEVI) (Includes BIME-021 to 027, 031, 033,034, BIMEE-001 to 024 BIMEE-029 to 032)June 2013 
       XII.             Diploma – VIEP – Computer Science and Engineering  (Includes BICS – 027 to 038,BICSE-001 to,018, OICS – 001)June 2013 
     XIII.             Diploma –VIEP-Electronics & Communication Engineering / BTCSVI / BTECV I/ BTMEVI / BTELVI / BCLEVI (Includes BIEL-026 to 038,BIELE-001 to 018, OIEL-001, 002)June 2013 
    XIV.             Diploma -VIEP-Electrical Engineering (Includes BIEE-027 to 039,BIEEE-001,to 010 OIEE-001, 002)June 2013 
      XV.             Diploma In Civil Engineering (Dclevi) / Advanced Level Certificate In Civil Engineering (Acclevi) (Dclevi)  B.Tech. Civil Engineering (Btclevi) (Includes BICE-023 to 028,BICEE-001 to 024June 2013 
    XVI.             Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety, Health and Environment SOMS PGDM (ISHE) (Includes MIS-001 to 012)June 2013 
  XVII.             Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)  (Includes BME-001 to 025, 027 to 031, 035)June 2013 
        XVIII.             BSC (Nautical Science) (Includes BNA-011 to 017, 025 / 018, 021 to 024, 031, 041, 051)June 2013 
     XIX.             Bachelor of Architecture (Includes BAR-004, 005, 014, 015, 024, 025, 029, 034, 035, 039, 044, 045, 049, 053, 055, 056, 059, 063,73,74,BARE-072-079)June 2013 
       XX.             B.Sc. Fashion Merchandizing & Retail SOMS (BSCFMRM) (Includes BFW-001 to 033 035 to 042)June 2013 
     XXI.             B.Sc. Footwear Technology (BSCFWT) (Includes BFW-043 to 048,BFWE-001.003,005,011 to 021, 025 to 029 & 041, 043 to 044)June 2013 
   XXII.             B.Sc. in Leather Goods and Accessories Design (BSCLGAD) (Includes BFW-051 to 064)June 2013 
 XXIII.             B.Tech In Computer Science And Engineering (BTCSVI) (Includes BICS-003,005,007 to 025)June 2013 
XXIV.             B.Tech. VIEP- Electrical Engineering –III (Includes BIEE-001, 003 to 005, 007 to 026) June 2013 
     XXV.             B.Tech Civi Engg. (BTCLEVI)/B.Tech Electronics And Communication Engg. (BTECVI) (Includes BICE-001 to 022)June 2013 
   XXVI.              June 2013 
  XXVII.             BTCSVI/BTEVI/BTELVI) (Includes BIEL-001 to 003, 005 to 021, 023, 025)June 2013 
XXVIII.             B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (BTMEVI) (Includes BIME-002 to 006, 008 to 020)June 2013 
   XXIX.             B.Tech. Civil (Construction SOMS) / (Water Resources Engineering) / (Aero Space Engineering) (Includes ET-101A-B, 102, 105A-B, 201A-B, 202A-B, 204A-B, 301A / 534B, 301B, 302A-B, 501A-B, 502A-B, 505, 507A-B, 508A-B, 521A-B-C-D, 522, 523 A-B-C, 524A / 534A, 524B, 525, 531A-B, 532A-B, 533A-B, 534C, 535A-B, 536A-B, 537A-B, 540B, 581A-B-C, F)June 2013 
     XXX.             B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering (BTAE) (Includes BAS-001 to 025 & BASE-002 to 005)June 2013 
   XXXI.             M.Sc. Visual Merchandizing and Communication Design (MSCVMCD) (Includes MFW-065 to 078)June 2013 
  XXXII.             M.Sc. Fashion Merchandising And Retail SOMS (MSCFMRM) (Includes MFW-001 to 023)June 2013 
XXXIII.             M.Sc. Footwear Technology (MSCFWT) (Includes MFW-025 to 039)June 2013 
XXXIV.             M.Sc. In Leather Goods And Accessories Design (MSCLGAD) (Includes MFW-050 to 063)June 2013 
 XXXV.             M.Sc. In Creative Design CAD/CAM (MSCCRD) (Includes MFW-040 to 049)June 2013 
7.SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (SOSS) सामाजिकविज्ञानविद्यापीठ(एसओएसएस) 
              I.             Certificate in Women Empowerment and Development (Includes WED-1 to 3 and FWE-01)     June 2013 
           II.             Certificate Programme in Disaster SOMS (Includes CDM-1 to 2)  June 2013 
           III.             Diploma in Women Empowerment and Development (Includes BWEE-004 to 005,012)June 2013 
        IV.             Bachelor Degree Programme (Includes EEC-5 to 7, 10 to 14,19, EHI-1 to 7, EPA-1, BPAE-102/EPA-02, EPA-3 to 6, EPS-06 to 09, 011,012,015, 11, 12, 15, ES0 1/11 to 3/13, 4, 5/15, 6/16, 2/12,14,  BSHF -101 FHS-1, BECE-002, 015, 016)June 2013 
            V.             Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Includes BPC-001 to 006, BPCE-011, 013 to 015 017,018,019,021)June 2013 
        VI.             Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Includes BLS-1 to 7, BLS-3P Part – I & II, BLS-4P Part – I & II )       June 2013 
         VII.             Bachelor in Preparatory Programme (Includes OSS-101)June 2013 
    VIII.             Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (Includes MLI-001 to 007, MLIE-001 to 007)June 2013 
          IX.             Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster SOMS (Includes MPA-001 to 007)June 2013 
               X.             Post Graduate Diploma In Urban Governance (PGDUG) (Includes MPA-021 to 027)June 2013 
         XI.             Post Graduate Diploma in Participatory SOMS of Displacement, Resettlement and  Rehabilitation (Includes MRR-101 to 104, MRR-005, 006, MRRE-007 to 010) June 2013 
       XII.             Master of Arts in Public Administration (Includes MPA- 011 to 018)June 2013 
     XIII.             Masters in Political Science (Includes MPS-001 to 004, MPSE-001 to 009, 011 to 013)June 2013 
    XIV.             Master of Arts in Economics (Includes MEC-001 to 009, MECE-001, MECE-003 to 004)June 2013 
      XV.             Master of Arts in Sociology (Includes MSO-001 to 004, MSOE-001 to 004)June 2013 
        XVI.             Master of Arts in History (Includes MHI-01 to 06, 08)June 2013 
     XVII.             Master of Library and Information Science (Includes MLI-101, 102, MLIE – 101 to 106, MLII- 101 to 103)June 2013 
XVIII.             Master of Arts in Psychology (Includes MPC-001 to 006,MPCE-011,012,013,021,022,023,031,032,033)June 2013 
     XIX.             Master Of Arts (Public Policy) (Includes MPP-001 to 007)June 2013 
       XX.             Masters In Anthropology (Maan) (Includes MAN-001 to 002 and MANE-001 to MANE-005 AND MANI-001 TO )       June 2013 
8.SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES (SOH)  मानविकी विद्यापीठ (एसओएच) 
iCertificate in Teaching of English (Includes CTE-1 to 5)June 2013 
iiCertificate in Functional English (Includes BEG-004 to 006)June 2013 
iii.Certificate in Urdu (Includes OUL-001 to 003, OULE-001, 002, 005)June 2013 
iv.Diploma in Creative Writing in English (Includes DCE-1 to 5)June 2013 
v.Bachelor Degree Programme (Includes AFW 1(E) BHDA 101 AFW 1 (H), ATR- 1, AWR 1(E) BRPA 101 AWR 1(H), BSKF-001, EEG-1/ BEGE-101, EEG-2/ BEGE/102, EEG-3/ BEGE/103, EEG-4, EEG-5/BEGE-105, EEG-6, EEG-7/BEGE-107, EEG-8/BEGE-108, EHD-1 to 6, EHD-7/BHDE-107, EHD-8, FAS, FBG, FEG-1, FEG-2, FGT, BHDF-101 / FHD-1, FHD-2, FKD-01, FML, FMT-01, FOR, FPB, FTG, FTM, FUD, BBHF-001, BULE-001, BULE-002)June 2013 
vi.Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing (Includes MBP-001 to 007)June 2013 
viiMasters in Hindi (Includes MHD-1 to 7, MHD-13 to 16)June 2013 
viii.Masters in English (Includes MEG-1 TO 10  AND 12, MEG-14)June 2013 
9.SCHOOL OF SCIENCES (SOS) विज्ञान विद्यापीठ (एसओएस) 
iCertificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques (Includes LT-1 to 4)June 2013 
iiCertificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (Includes LMT-01)June 2013 
iii.Bachelor Preparatory Programme (Includes OMT-101)  June 2013 
iv.Bachelor Degree Programme (Includes AEC-01, AHE-01, AMT-01, AOR-1, APM-1, AST-1, FST-01)June 2013 
v.Bachelor Degree Programme  (Elective Course: Chemistry) (Includes CHE-1/2, CHE-4 to 6, CHE-9, CHE-10)June 2013 
vi.Bachelor Degree Programme (Elective Course: Life Science) (Includes LSE-1 to 3, LSE-5, LSE-6 (Part-I,II), LSE-7, LSE-9, LSE-10, LSE-12 to 13)June 2013 
viiBachelor Degree Programme (Elective Course: Physics) (Includes PHE-4/5, PHE-6, PHE-7, PHE-9 to 11, PHE-13 to 16)June 2013 
viii.Bachelor Degree Programme (Elective Course: Mathematics) (Includes MTE-1 to 14)June 2013 
ix.Diploma in Aquaculture (DAQ) (Includes BAQ-001 to 003)June 2013 
x.Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development (Includes MED-001,  MED-002, MED- 004 to 008, MED-003 / 009) June 2013 
xi.Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (Includes MCH-001 to 004)June 2013 
XiiMaster’s in Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science (Includes MMT-001 to 009, MMTE-001 to 007 & practical)June 2013 
10.SCHOOL OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES (SOCIS)कंप्यूटर एवं सूचना विज्ञान विद्यापीठ (एसओसीआईएस) 
iCertificate in Computing (Includes CIC-1, 2, 4, 5)June 2013 
iiCertificate in Information Technology (Includes CIT-001 to 003 and CITL-001 TO 003 (P))June 2013 
iv.Bachelor of Computer Applications (Includes BCS-011, 012,031,40 TO 42, 061, CS-60, 62 to 64, 66, 68 to 75, 610 to 612)June 2013 
vi.Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) / Advance Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) / Masters in Computer Applications (MCA)CS-05 to 06, MCS-011 to 015, 021 to 024, 031 to 035, 041 to 043, 051 to 053, MCSE-003, 004, 011June 2013 
viiBCA-MCA-Practicals (Includes BCS-061, bcsL-013,021,022,032,033,034, CS-62,63,65,67,68,72,74,611, MCSL-016,017,025,036,045,054)June 2013 
11.SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE (SOA)कृषि विद्यापीठ (एसओए) 
             I.             Certificate in Organic Farming (Includes BAP-001, BAPI-001 to 003)June 2013 
           II.             Certificate in Sericulture (Includes BLP-001, 004, BLPI-002, 003)June 2013 
         III.             Certificate in Poultry Farming (Includes OLP-001, OLPI-001,002)June 2013 
        IV.             Certificate in Water Harvesting and SOMS (Includes ONR-001 to 003)June 2013 
          V.             Certificate In Beekeeping (CIB) (Includes OAPI-011 to 013)June 2013 
        VI.             Diploma Programme in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables(Includes BPVI-001 to 008)June 2013 
      VII.             Diploma in Dairy Technology (Includes BPVI-011 to 018)June 2013 
    VIII.             Diploma in Meat Technology  (Includes EPVI-021 to 028)June 2013 
         IX.             Diploma in Production of Value Added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds(DPVCPO) (Includes BPVI-031 to 038)June 2013 
           X.             Diploma in watershed management (Includes BNRI-101 to 107)June 2013 
         XI.             Diploma In Fish Products Technology (DFPT) (Includes BPV-046 AND BPVI-041 to 045)  
       XII.             Post Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Policy (Includes MNR-001,002 and MNRE-015,016)June 2013 
     XIII.             Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality SOMS ( Includes MVP-001 to 004, MVPI-001)June 2013 
    XIV.             Post Graduate Diploma in Plantation SOMS ( Includes MAM-001 to 004)June 2013 
      XV.             Post Graduate Diploma In Food Science And Technology (PGDFT) ( Includes MFT-001 to 004 AND MFT-009)June 2013 
12.SCHOOL OF GENDER DEVELOPMENT STUDIES(SOGDS)लैंगिक एवं विकास अध्ययन विद्यापीठ (एसओजीडीएस) 
iDiploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development (Includes BWEF- 002, BWEE 006 to 008)June 2013 
iiMaster of Arts in Gender and Development Studies (Includes MGS-001 to 005 MGSE-001 to 004,006 007,009,010,013,020)June 2013 
iii.M.A. (Gandhi and Peac Studies) Programme (Includes MGP-001to 005, MGPE-006 to 016)June 2013 
 P.G. Diploma in Women’s and Gender Studies (Includes MWG-001 to 004)June 2013 
13.SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND NEW MEDIA STUDIES(SOJNMS)पत्रकारिता एवं नव मीडिया अध्ययन विद्यापीठ (एसओजेएनएमएस) 
iCertificate in Community Radio (Includes BJM-001, 002)June 2013 
iiBachelor of Arts in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (includes BNM-001, BNMI-001 to 003,005 to 014,BNMI-001(P) S1,S2 F2F to 014(P) S1,S2)June 2013 
iii.Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (Includes JMC-1 to 4)June 2013 
iv.Post Graduate Diploma in Radio Parsaran (Includes MRP-001 to 003)June 2013 
v.Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production (Includes MJM-001 to 003)June 2013 
14.SCHOOL OF TOURISM &  HOSPITALITY SERVICE SECTORAL SOMS (SOTHSSM) पर्यटन आतिथ्य सेवा क्षेत्रीय प्रबंधन विद्यापीठ(एसओटीएचएसएसएम) 
i.Tourism Studies CTS, DTS, BTS, BHM (Ex Diploma), MTM-II, MHA-II) (Includes TS-1 to 7)June 2013 
ii.Bachelor in Hotel SOMS (BIHM) (Includes BHY-021, 24, 26 -27, 28, 30 to 037)June 2013 
iii.Master’s in Tourism SOMS (Includes MTM-1 to 15)June 2013 
iv.MBA In Hospitality SOMS (Includes MHY-002 to 018)June 2013 
v.MSc. in Hospitality Administration (June-2013) (Includes MHA-1)June 2013 
15.SCHOOL OF LAW(SOL)  विधि विद्यापीठ (एसओएल) 
iCertificate Programme in Human Rights (Includes CHR-01/CHR-11, CHR-02/CHR-12) June 2013 
iiCertificate Programme in Consumer Protection (Includes ACS-1, CPI-Revised)June 2013 
 Certificate In Jewellery Designing (Includes BFDI-061 to 064 )June 2013 
iii.Diploma in Paralegal Practice (Includes BLE-001 to 004)June 2013 
iv.Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice (Includes MIR-021 to 023 )June 2013 
v.Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (Includes  MIP-001 to 008 & 011)June 2013 
vi.Post Graduate Certificate In Cyber Laws (Includes MIR-011 to 014 )June 2013 
viiCertificate In Anti Human Trafficking (CAHT) (Includes BLE-31 to 33 )June 2013 
viii.Certificate In Co-Operation, Co-Operative Law And Business Law (Includes BLE-011 to 014 )June 2013 
ix.Certificate In International Humanitarian Law (CIHL) (Includes BLE-35 to 037 )June 2013 
x.Post Graduate Diploma In Criminal Justice (PGDCJ) (Includes MLE-011 to 016)June 2013 
xi.Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law (PGDENLW) (Includes MLE-021 to 026)June 2013 
XiiPost Graduate Diploma In Legal Process Outsourcing (PGDLPO) (Includes PGDLPO-01, 02 )June 2013 
16.SCHOOL OF TRANSLATION STUDIES AND TRAINING (SOTST)अनुवाद अध्ययन एवं प्रशिक्षण विद्यापीठ (एसओटीएसटी) 
iPost Graduate Diploma in Translation (Includes PGDT-1 to 4)June 2013 
iiPost Graduate Certificate in Bengali-Hindi Translation Programme (PGCBHT) (Includes MTT-001 to 003)June 2013 
iii.Post Graduate Certificate in Malyalam-Hindi Translation (PGCMHT) (Includes MTT-001, 004, 005)June 2013 
17.SCHOOL OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING (SOVET)व्यावसायिक शिक्षा एवं प्रशिक्षण विद्यापीठ (एसओवीईटी) 
iAdvance Certificate in Fire Safety (Includes BSEI-021, 023, 024, 024)June 2013 
iiAdvance Certificate in Information Security (ACISE) (Includes OSE-043, OSEI-041, 042, 044 OSEI-041P, 042P, 044P)June 2013 
iii.Certificate in Fire Safety (Includes OSEI-011 to 014)June 2013 
iv.Certificate in Security SOMS (Includes OSEI-001 to 004)June 2013 
v.Certificate in Firemanship (CIF) (Includes OSE-021 to 024)June 2013 
vi.Advance Certificate in Security (ACSM) (Includes BESI-001 to 005)June 2013 
vii Post Graduate Certificate in Security Operations (Includes MSE-001 to 006)June 2013 
viii.Diploma in Fire Safety SOMS  (DFSTYM) ( Includes BSE-041 to 046)June 2013 
ix.Diploma in Business Processing and Outsourcing (Includes BPOI-001 to 007) June 2013 
x.Diploma in Entrepreneurship and skill development (Include BVE-001, 002, BVEE-001 to 005)June 2013 
xi.Diploma in Fire Safety (Includes BSEI-025 to 032)June 2013 
xiiDiploma in Security SOMS (Includes BSEI-006 to 011)June 2013 
xiiiPost Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical sales SOMS (Includes MVE-001 to 006)June2013 
xivPgdfstydm)/ P.G. Diploma In Information Security (Pgdis) (Includes MSE-024 MSE-021 to 027)June2013 
xvB.A In Apparel Design and Merchandising (BAADM) (Includes BFM-36,42,  45, 47,  48,049,050,052,054,055, 60, 062)June 2013 
xviB.A. In Fashion Communication (BAFC) (Includes BFM-007, 014,18,019,020, 024)June 2013 
XviiB.A Fashion Design / Fashion Merchandising and Production (Includes BFD-001 to 007, 009 to 012, 014 to 016, 018,024 ,025, 26, 027, 029 to 040, 043 to 052, BEDL-004 and 016)June2013 
XviiiM.Sc. Actuarial Science (Includes MIA-001-F2F, 004-F2F,005F2F, 009-F2F, 012-F2F)June2013 
XixM.A. In Fashion Retail SOMS & M.A. IN APPAREL PRODUCTIONMANAGEMENT (MAAPM) (Includes MFM- 004 to 006, 016 to 021 025, 029, 033, 039, 40, 041 to 045 MFMI-015)June2013 
18.SCHOOL OF EXTENSION AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (SOEDS)विस्तार एवं विकास अध्ययन विद्यापीठ (एसओईडीएस) 
             I.             PG Certificate/PG Diploma/M.A. In Extension And Development Studies (Includes MEDS-001 to 003, 005, 006, 008 to 011, MEDSE-015) June2013 
           II.             Certificate programme in value education(Includes BEDS-001-004, MEDSE-015)June2013 
         III.             Post -Graduate Certificate In Adult Education (PGCAE)/Post-Graduate Diploma In Adult Education (PGDAE)/Master Of Arts In Adult Education (MAAE) (Includes MAE-001 to 005 and MAEE-001 to 002) June2013 
19.SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS AND VISUAL ARTS  (SOPVA)प्रदर्शन एवं दृश्य कला विद्यापीठ (एसओपीवीए) 
i.Certificate in Performing Arts / Visual Arts Theatre Arts/Painting/Applied Art/ Sculpture (CVAP) /CVAA/CVAS (CPATHA)(Includes ODN-001, OMU-001, OMU-005, OTH-001, OVA-001 to 003)June2013 
20.NATIONAL CENTRE FOR DISABILITY STUDIES (NCDS)विकलांगता के अध्ययन के लिए राष्ट्रीय केन्द्र (एनसीडीएस) 
             I.             B.Ed. Special Education (BEDSE) (Includes MMD-011 to 014 and MMDE-015 to 019, 28, 33, 38)June 2013 
           II.             Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education enabling inclusion Cerebral Palsy (Includes OCD-001 to 004 and OCDF-001)June 2013 
         III.             Certificate Course in Care Giving CCAREG(INCLUDES-051-056)June 2013 
        IV.             DCBRE  (Includes-BMDI-031 to 036)June 2013 
          V.             Diploma In Early Childhood Special Education (MR) (DECSEMR) (Includes-BMD-064 to 068)June 2013 
        VI.             Diploma In Education (Special Education) CEREBRAL PALSY (Includes-BMD-096 to 099)June 2013 
      VII.             Diploma In Education (Special Education) DEAF-BLIND (Includes-BMDE-002 to 006)June 2013 
    VIII.             Diploma Course in Hearing, Language and Speech DHELS ( INCLUDES BMD- 037 TO 042)June 2013 
         IX.             Diploma In Education (Special Education) Autism Spectrum (DISORDER)  (Includes BMD-075 to 076)June 2013 
           X.             Diploma in Rehabilitation Therapy DRETH (INCLUDES BMDI- 001-006,BMD-085-090)June 2013 
         XI.             Diploma In Education (Special Education) Autism Spectrum (DSEASD) (DISORDER) (INCLUDES BMD- 072 to 074 and 091 to 095-006,BMD-085-090)June 2013 
       XII.             DSEDEB (INCLUDES BMD- 032 to 036)June 2013 
     XIII.             Diploma in Special Education (Hearing Impairment DSEHI) ) (INCLUDES BMD- 015 to 022)June 2013 
    XIV.             D.Ed. in Special Education (Mental Retardation)   DSEMR/ (MR/HVVI) (INCLUDES BMD-001-004,BMD-007-014June 2013 
      XV.             DSEPCP (INCLUDES BMD-054 to 058 and ,BMDE-001)June 2013 
    XVI.             Diploma in Special Education (Visual Impairment)  DSEVI (INCLUDES BMD-023-031)June 2013 
  XVII.             Diploma in Teaching Young Hearing Impaired (DTYHI) (INCLUDES BMD-059 to 063)June 2013 
XVIII.             Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation (Mental Retardation) DVRMR(INCLUDES BMD- 048-53)June 2013 
     XIX.             Foundation Course on Education of Children with Disabilities (Includes (E & Ori, Ben, Guj, Hin, Kan, Mal, Tel)June 2013 
       XX.             M. Ed Special Education in Mental Retardation (MEDSE) (Includes 065, 066, 071, 072, 075, 076,76)June 2013 
     XXI.             M.Ed Special Education (MEDSE) (Includes MMD-051,052, 054, MMDE-055, 056, 057)June 2013 
   XXII.             Post Graduate Diploma in SOMS of Disability for Medical Practitioner (Includes MMD-001/002, 003/004, 005/006/007)June 2013 
 XXIII.             Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology (PGDREPYDL) (Includes MMD-081 to 83, 085,86,87)June 2013 
XXIV.             B.Ed Special Education (BEDSE) (PGPCSEHI) (Includes MMDE-029, 030,34,35,39,40)June 2013 
21.SCHOOL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY AND TRANS-DISCIPLINARY STUDIES (SOITDS)अंतरविद्याश्रयी एवं परा –विद्याश्रयी विद्यापीठ (एसओआईटीडीएस) 
i..Post Graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies (Includes MFC-001 to 004)June 2013 
22.CENTRE FOR CORPORATE EDUCATION, TRAINING & CONSULTANCY (CCETC)कॉरपोरेट शिक्षा प्रशिक्षण एवं परामर्श केन्द्र (सीसीईटीसी) 
                 I.             Bachelor of Business Administration (Retail Services) (BBARS) (Includes BRS-001 to 008, 010 to 025)June 2013 
               II.             Post Graduate Diploma In Corporate Governance (PGDICG) (Includes MCT-001 to 003)June 2013 
             III.             Post Graduate Diploma In Global Business Leadership (PGDGBL) (Includes MGB-001 to 003, 012)June 2013 
             IV.             Master Of Business Administration (Full Time Programme) (EXMBA) (Includes,MCT-051 to 064, MCTE-052, 054, 072, 076 to 080, 088 to 090, 092, 094June 2013 
               V.             Master of Business Administration (Aviation Business SOMS) (MBAAVBM) (Includes MAV-003 to 006)June 2013 
             VI.             Master of Business Administration In (Banking And Finance) MBABFEV (Includes MCN-020 to 032)June 2013 
           VII.              Master of Business Administration (Full Time Programme)  (MBACN) (Includes MCN-001 to 017)June 2013 
         VIII.             Master of Business Administration (MBACT) (Includes MCT-004, 011 to 015, MCTE-018 to 038)June 2013 
             IX.             Master of Business Administration (MBARS) (Network Infrastructure  SOMS) (MBANIM) (Includes MCR-010,13, 014,020,021, MCRI-008,015,016,017, 022,023 MCRL-019, MCRP-018)June 2013 
               X.             Master Of Business Administration (Retail) (MBARS) (Includes MRS-001 to 023, 025 to 027)June 2013 
             XI.             Master of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) (MB ASCMFL) (Includes MCQ-015 to 030)June 2013 
           XII.             Master of Business Administration (MBATEXM) (Includes MCT-040 to 044, 046, 048)June 2013 
         XIII.              Master of Business Administration (MBAEV) (Includes MCN-035 to 054, MCNE-001 to 008, 013 to 020, 030 to 032, 035 to 047)June 2013 
         XIV.             Masters of Business Administration (Management Accounting And Finance) (MB AMAFCI)( MCN-82 to 086)June 2013 
           XV.             Master Of Business Administration(Financial Markets) MBAFM/ MBAMAFCI (includes MCT-070 to 083)June 2013 
23.SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES (SOFL)विदेशी भाषा विद्यापीठ (एसओएफएल) 
iCertificate In Arabic Language (Includes BAL-001, 002)June 2013 
iiCertificate Programme In French Language (Includes CFL-1, 2)June 2013 
iii.Certificate In German Language (CGL) (Includes BGLI-001 to 004)June 2013 
iv.Certificate Programme In Japanese Language (Includes CJL-001, 002)June 2013 
v.Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language (Includes DTG-001 to 003)June 2013 
24.SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK(SOSW) सामाजिक कार्य विद्यापीठ (एसओएसडब्ल्यू) 
iCertificate/Diploma in HIV and Family Education (Includes  BFE-101,102, BFEE-101 to 104)June 2013 
iiBachelor in Social Work (Includes BSWE-001 to 006)June 2013 
iii.Master in Social Work (Includes MSW-001 to MSW-009, MSWE-001)June 2013 
iv.Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System (Includes MSW-031, 032)June 2013 
v.Bachelors Degree Programme  (Includes BPY-001 to BPY-012,BPYE-001,002)June 2013 
 Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work among the Tribals (PGDSWT) (Includes MSWE-041, 044)June 2013 
vi.M.A. Philosophy (Includes MPY-001,002, MPYE-001 to 016)June 2013 
25.CENTRE FOR EXTENSION EDUCATION(CEE)विस्तार शिक्षा के लिए केंद्र (सीईई) 
iCertificate/ Diploma Programme In Youth and Development Work (Includes CYP-I to VII)June 2013 
iiCertificate In Communication Skills For BPO, Ites And Related Sectors  (CCSS) (Includes BCSSI-001 & 002, 003 & 004, 005 & 006)June 2013 
iii.Certificate In Lifelong Learning  (CELL) (Includes ODS-001 to 002)June 2013 
iv.Certificate in Telecentre / Village Knowledge Centre SOMS (CTVM) (Includes OXE – 021 to 024 )June 2013 
v.M.A. In Participatory Development (MAPD) (Includes MDS-001 to 005, 007 to 011)June 2013 
26.CENTRE FOR PARAMEDICAL SCIENCES(CPMS)   अर्धचिकित्सकीय विज्ञान केंद्र (सीपीएमएस)  
iB.Sc. In Anaesthesia And Critical Care Technology (BACT) (Includes BAHI-071 to 074,076, 077 to 080 and 082)June 2013 
iiB. Sc. In Medical Imaging Technology (BMIT) (Includes BAHI-046, 051, 053 to 057)June 2013 
iii.B.Sc. In Medical Laboratory Technology (Includes BAHI-001 to 013)June 2013 
iv.B.Sc. In Medical Record Science And Health Information Technology (Includes BAH-027 and 026 BAHI-021 to 026)June 2013 
v.B.Sc. In Medical Imaging Technology (Includes BAHI-031, 032, 034, 036, 037, 039, 041 to 045)June 2013

8. Enhancing Performance with IGNOU Question Papers

By consistently utilizing IGNOU question papers, you can significantly enhance your academic performance. These papers serve as comprehensive revision tools that enable you to reinforce your understanding of the course material. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to practice self-assessment and gain confidence before the actual exams. With diligent practice and a strategic approach, you can excel in your IGNOU examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I rely solely on IGNOU question papers for exam preparation? Absolutely not. While IGNOU question papers are valuable resources, it is essential to study the course material thoroughly, refer to textbooks, attend lectures, and engage in additional learning activities to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Q2. Are IGNOU question papers available for all courses and programs? Yes, IGNOU question papers are available for a wide range of courses and programs offered by the university. You can access them through the official IGNOU website or the eGyankosh portal.

Q3. Are the questions in IGNOU question papers repeated in the actual exams? No, IGNOU does not repeat the exact questions from the question papers in the actual exams. However, solving question papers helps you familiarize yourself with the question patterns and the depth of knowledge required for each subject.

Q4. Can I download IGNOU question papers from external websites? It is recommended to download IGNOU question papers only from the official IGNOU website or the eGyankosh portal to ensure authenticity and accuracy.

Q5. How often are IGNOU question papers updated? IGNOU question papers are regularly updated to align with the evolving curriculum and maintain the relevance of the examinations. It is advisable to check for the latest question papers on the official IGNOU website or the eGyankosh portal.

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