IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023 UPDATED – Check Now

IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023 UPDATED – Check Now

IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks, and Result 2023 – Here, Students will get to know about the IGNOU Assignment Status for the most recent TEE sessions June 2023 and December 2022.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the largest open universities in the world, providing distance education to millions of students. One of the key components of the IGNOU evaluation system is the assignment submission, which holds significant importance in a student’s academic journey.

IGNOU Assignment Status

Importance of IGNOU Assignment Status

Assignments serve as an essential evaluation tool in IGNOU’s academic structure. They allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the course material and apply it practically. The process of solving assignments helps students grasp the concepts thoroughly and prepare for the term-end examinations effectively.

IGNOU Assignment Status Submission Process

Upon taking admission to IGNOU, students are required to obtain their assignments either from the nearest study center or through the university’s official website. These assignments need to be completed within a given timeframe and submitted to the designated study center. The submission deadline is crucial, as late submissions are not accepted under any circumstances.

Consequences of Late Submission

Failing to submit assignments on time can have serious consequences for students. If the assignments are not submitted within the specified time duration, students will not be allowed to appear for the upcoming Term End Examination (TEE) conducted by IGNOU. As assignments carry a 30% weightage in the grade card, neglecting them can significantly impact the overall grades.

Weightage of Assignments in Grades

As mentioned earlier, the assignments’ weightage is 30% of the total grade, while the remaining 70% is attributed to theory and practical examinations. Therefore, scoring well in assignments is crucial for achieving a good overall grade in the course.

Instructions for IGNOU Assignments

To ensure that students have a smooth experience while preparing their assignments, IGNOU provides detailed instructions for each assignment. These guidelines cover various aspects, including formatting, word count, referencing, and submission methods. Students are encouraged to refer to these instructions while working on their assignments to avoid any confusion.

Updates on IGNOU Assignment Status

The university initiates the process of updating IGNOU Assignment Status and Marks for each session, and the same holds true for TEE sessions conducted in June 2023 and December 2022. Candidates are advised to check their assignment status regularly on the IGNOU website to access their marks and results as soon as they are available.

List of TEE SessionLive Status
June 2023Updating Started
December 2022Updated
June 2022Updated
December 2021Updated
June 2021Updated
December 2020Updated

How to Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023?

To check the assignment status, marks, and results, students need to follow a simple process. They can visit the designated section on the official IGNOU website and enter their 9 or 10 digit enrollment number along with the program code. Upon submission, the assignment status will be displayed on the screen.


Assignments play a pivotal role in the evaluation process at IGNOU, and students must give them due importance. The timely submission of assignments is vital to secure a chance to appear in the term-end examinations. Checking the assignment status regularly ensures that students stay updated with their marks and results. By following the guidelines and instructions provided by the university, students can excel in their assignments and overall academic journey.


  1. Q: Can I submit assignments for the June 2023 session now? A: No, the deadline for submission of assignments for the June 2023 session has already passed.
  2. Q: What is the weightage of assignments in the overall grade? A: Assignments carry a 30% weightage in the grade card.
  3. Q: When can I expect my assignment marks to be updated online? A: Generally, IGNOU updates assignment marks within 40 days after submission to the study center.
  4. Q: What should I do if my assignment status is not updated? A: In such cases, visit your IGNOU Study Center and communicate the issue to the coordinator.
  5. Q: Can students from previous sessions check their assignment marks? A: Yes, students from June 2021, December 2020, June 2020, and December 2019 sessions can also find their IGNOU Assignment marks and results.

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