IGNOU Exam Form December 2023: See all Information – Check Now

IGNOU Exam Form December 2023: See all Information – Check Now

Are you gearing up for the IGNOU Term End Exam session in December 2023? To ensure you’re on the right track, we’ve compiled all the essential information about the IGNOU Exam Form submission process, including fees, deadlines, and submission methods. Read on to streamline your submission experience.

IGNOU Exam Form

IGNOU Exam Form for December 2023: A Crucial Step Forward

The countdown has begun! IGNOU is set to kick off the official submission process for the IGNOU Online Exam Form for the Term End Exam in December 2023. To secure your spot in the upcoming TEE, it’s imperative to complete the Online Exam Form for your selected program. This critical step is your ticket to eligibility for the examination. But before you dive into the form, make sure you meet the necessary criteria set by IGNOU for the term-end exam.

The Mandatory Requirement: IGNOU Exam Form Submission

Consider this your wake-up call, IGNOU students! For every term-end examination at IGNOU, the submission of the IGNOU Exam Form is an absolute must. It’s the key that unlocks your qualification for any IGNOU Term-end examination. Missing this submission could mean missing out on all examinations conducted by the university.

Two Paths to IGNOU Exam Form Submission

IGNOU University offers two avenues for submitting your exam form: Online and Offline (Limited). Let’s delve into both methods:

1. Online Submission

Fast, convenient, and reliable—IGNOU’s Online method takes the lead. With just a few minutes of your time, you can complete the application form online from anywhere. Plus, the Exam Fee payment is seamlessly integrated into the online process.

2. Offline Submission

For certain students, Offline submission is available. Download the examination form from our dedicated page, then submit it to your regional centre. Payment can be made through Cash, DD, or Cash Challan as per regional guidelines. Keep in mind that the offline method is reserved for specific cases, such as international students or those eligible under special circumstances. The preferred route for most students is the online method, unless your Regional Centre explicitly opts for offline submissions.

Essentials Before IGNOU Exam Form Submission

Preparation is key to success. Here’s a checklist of essentials before you start filling out your IGNOU Exam Form online:

  1. Completed Assignments: Ensure you’ve submitted all required IGNOU Assignments to your designated study center before proceeding with the online exam form.
  2. Review Last Session’s Result: Double-check the status of your previous session’s IGNOU Result before applying for the upcoming exam.
  3. Valid Registration or Admission: Your student registration or admission must be valid at the time of form submission.
  4. Eligibility for the Course: You must be eligible for the course you intend to appear for.
  5. Minimum Time Duration: Confirm that you’ve completed the minimum duration between admission and examination.
  6. Correct Course Code: For BA/BSc/BCom, make sure to select the accurate course code from the list provided.

IGNOU Exam Form Submission Dates for Dec 2023

Stay ahead of the curve by marking these important dates in your calendar:

EventsOfficial Dates
IGNOU Online Exam Form Filling Starting Date1st September 2023 (Friday)
Last Date without Late Fees15th October 2023 (Sunday)
Last Date with Late Fee of Rs 50016th to 31st October 2023
Last Date with Late Fee of Rs 11001st to 15th November 2023

Keep in mind that these dates are tentative and subject to change. IGNOU students, take note!

IGNOU Exam Fee December 2023

ParticularsFor students admitted before Jan 2023For students admitted in Jan 2023
Theory FeesRs 200Rs 200
Practical FeesRs 200Rs 300 (4 Credit Course), Rs 500 (Above 4 Credit Course)
Project FeesRs 200Rs 300 (4 Credit Course), Rs 500 (Above 4 Credit Course)
Apply LinkClick Here (Working From 1st Sep)
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Updated Submission Deadlines

Heads up, students! IGNOU University has made a few revisions to the exam form submission deadlines. Here’s the scoop:

  • Late Fees Waived Until: 15th October 2023
  • Submission with Late Fee of Rs 500: 16th October 2023 onwards
  • Submission with Late Fee of Rs 1000: 16th October to 15th November 2023

Make sure to read and understand these changes to stay in the loop.

Don’t miss your chance to excel in the IGNOU Term End Exam session December 2023. Start preparing, mark those dates, and follow the guidelines for a seamless submission experience. Your success journey begins with a well-executed exam form!


Q1: What is the IGNOU Exam Form for December 2023? A1: The IGNOU Exam Form for December 2023 is the official submission process that allows students to register for the Term End Exam session scheduled for December 2023.

Q2: Why is it important to fill out the IGNOU Exam Form? A2: Filling out the IGNOU Exam Form is mandatory for all students to qualify for any Term End Examination conducted by IGNOU. Without submitting the form, you won’t be eligible to appear for any exams.

Q3: What are the methods available for submitting the IGNOU Exam Form? A3: IGNOU offers two submission methods: Online and Offline (Limited). Online submission is fast and reliable, while offline submission is reserved for specific cases.

Q4: How can I submit the IGNOU Exam Form online? A4: You can submit the IGNOU Exam Form online by filling out the application form through the university’s official website. The online method includes seamless payment of the exam fee.

Q5: When is the Offline method of IGNOU Exam Form submission used? A5: The Offline method is available for certain students, such as international students or those eligible under specific circumstances. It involves downloading the form, filling it out, and submitting it to the regional centre along with offline payment.

Q6: What should I ensure before submitting the IGNOU Exam Form online? A6: Before submitting the form online, ensure that you have submitted the required IGNOU Assignments, reviewed your last session’s result, and have valid registration or admission. Also, make sure you’re eligible for the chosen course and have met the minimum time duration requirement.

Q7: How do I know the correct course code for the IGNOU Exam Form? A7: The correct course code for BA/BSc/BCom is listed separately in the provided list. Make sure to select the accurate course code for your program.

Q9: Are the submission dates subject to change? A9: Yes, the submission dates provided are tentative and may change. It’s advisable to stay updated with any announcements from IGNOU.

Q10: What are the recent changes to the submission deadlines? A10: IGNOU University has waived the late fees until 15th October 2023. Submissions with a late fee of Rs 500 can be made from 16th October 2023 onwards, and a late fee of Rs 1000 applies from 16th October to 15th November 2023.

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