IGNOU Passing Marks June 2023: Check Now

IGNOU Passing Marks June 2023: Check Now

As an institution committed to open and distance learning, IGNOU provides opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education. One aspect that students often inquire about is the passing marks for various assessments, which include theory papers, practical examinations, and assignments.

IGNOU Passing Marks

Minimum Passing Marks: IGNOU Passing Marks

Passing Marks out of 25

For assessments that are evaluated out of 25 marks, the minimum passing requirement is 9 marks. This implies that to successfully clear an evaluation marked out of 25, a student must secure at least 9 marks.

Passing Marks out of 35

When the assessment is conducted on a scale of 35 marks, the minimum passing requirement is 12 marks. This benchmark ensures that students grasp a fundamental understanding of the subject matter.

Passing Marks out of 50

Assessments that carry a total of 50 marks necessitate a minimum of 18 marks to be deemed successful. This criterion reflects the importance of comprehensive learning.

Passing Marks out of 70

As the complexity of the assessments increases, such as those evaluated out of 70 marks, the passing benchmark stands at 24 marks. This encourages students to delve deeper into their studies.

Passing Marks out of 75

For evaluations that gauge a student’s grasp of the subject matter out of 75 marks, the minimum passing requirement is 26 marks. This underscores the significance of a well-rounded understanding.

Passing Marks out of 100

In assessments where the total marks extend to 100, achieving a minimum of 35 marks is necessary for passing. This higher threshold evaluates a student’s proficiency comprehensively.

IGNOU UG Passing Marks

ParticularMinimum Passing Marks(After Rounding-off)
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 259
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 3512
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 5018
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 7024
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 7526
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 10035

IGNOU PG Passing Marks

ParticularMinimum Passing Marks
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 3012
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 3514
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 5020
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 7028
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 7530
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 9036
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 10040
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 21084
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 300120

Navigating Assignments and Practical Assessments – IGNOU Passing Marks

Apart from theory examinations, IGNOU also emphasizes practical assessments and assignments. The passing marks for these components can vary depending on the nature of the course and the program’s requirements. Students should carefully review the guidelines provided by their respective departments to ensure they meet the criteria for practical assessments and assignments.

Importance of Meeting IGNOU Passing Marks

Meeting the passing marks is not only a requirement for progressing through the academic journey but also an indicator of a student’s understanding of the subject. It reflects the student’s ability to grasp key concepts and apply them effectively. Additionally, passing marks lay the foundation for pursuing advanced courses in the same field of study.

Strategies for Academic Success

  1. Effective Time Management: Plan your studies and assignments to avoid last-minute rushes.
  2. Regular Revision: Consistently review your notes and study materials to reinforce your understanding.
  3. Utilize Resources: Make use of IGNOU’s study materials, online resources, and library facilities.
  4. Engage in Discussions: Participate in study groups and online forums to enhance your understanding through discussions.
  5. Seek Clarification: Don’t hesitate to reach out to professors or tutors if you have doubts or need clarification on certain topics.

Contacting Respective Departments

To gain clarity on specific assessments, assignments, and practical evaluations, students are advised to contact the respective department of their program course. Departmental guidance can provide insights into the unique requirements of different programs.


The passing marks at IGNOU play a pivotal role in a student’s academic journey, reflecting their understanding and application of course materials. By comprehending the minimum marks required for different evaluations, students can better navigate their studies and strive for success.


  1. What happens if I don’t meet the passing marks? If a student falls short of meeting the passing marks, they might need to retake the assessment or seek additional guidance to improve their understanding of the subject.
  2. Are the passing marks the same for all programs? No, passing marks can vary based on the nature of the assessment and the program’s requirements. It’s advisable to review the specific passing marks for each course.
  3. How can I improve my chances of meeting passing marks? Regular studying, effective time management, seeking clarification when needed, and utilizing available resources can enhance your chances of meeting passing marks.
  4. Can I request a re-evaluation if I’m close to the passing marks? IGNOU usually provides a process for re-evaluation or rechecking of answer scripts. Check with the university for specific guidelines.
  5. Is IGNOU’s evaluation process stringent? IGNOU maintains a fair evaluation process that assesses a student’s understanding accurately. The university’s commitment to quality education ensures a comprehensive evaluation.

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