IGNOU Final Date Sheet June 2023: Check Exam Dates Now

IGNOU Final Date Sheet June 2023: Check Exam Dates Now

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University, which is one of the largest open universities in India. It offers various courses and programs through distance and online mode. IGNOU conducts term end examinations (TEE) twice a year, in June and December, for its students.

IGNOU Final Date Sheet

IGNOU Final Date Sheet

The final date sheet for June 2023 TEE has been released by IGNOU on its official website www.ignou.ac.in. The exams will start from June 1, 2023 and end on July 6, 2023. The exams will be held in two shifts: morning shift from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and afternoon shift from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

The date sheet contains the course code, course name, exam date and exam session for each course. Students can download the date sheet from the official website by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of IGNOU www.ignou.ac.in
  • Click on the “Student Zone” tab on the homepage
  • Select the “Exam” option and then select the “Term End Exam” option
  • Click on “Final Date Sheet for TEE June 2023”
  • The date sheet will be displayed on the screen
  • Download and take a printout of the same for future reference

Alternatively, students can also access the date sheet from this link: https://www.ignouresults.com/ignou-date-sheet-updated-on-12-may-2023/

Here is a sample of the date sheet for some courses:

Course CodeCourse NameExam DateExam Session
ACC-01Organizing Child Care ServicesJune 1, 2023Morning
ACPDMCertificate in Participatory Development ManagementJune 1, 2023Afternoon
ACS-01Application Oriented Course in Consumer StudiesJune 2, 2023Morning
AED-01Export Procedures and DocumentationJune 2, 2023Afternoon
AFW-01Feature Writing (English)June 3, 2023Morning
AFW-EFeature Writing (Hindi)June 3, 2023Afternoon

Students are advised to check the date sheet carefully and note down their exam dates and timings. They should also read the instructions given on the date sheet and follow them strictly. They should carry their admit card, identity card and other necessary documents to the exam center. They should reach the exam center at least half an hour before the exam time.

Download PDF

Tips to Prepare for IGNOU Exams

IGNOU exams can be challenging for many students, especially if they are studying through distance or online mode. However, with proper planning, preparation and practice, you can ace your exams and score well. Here are some tips to help you prepare for IGNOU exams:

  • Create a Study Schedule: Plan and schedule your study time according to the time left for the exam. Make sure you allocate enough time for each subject or topic and stick to the schedule. You can use a planner, calendar or digital app to organize your study sessions and track your progress.
  • Focus on Study Materials: IGNOU provides study materials that are designed to cover the entire syllabus. You should read them carefully and understand the concepts, definitions and examples. You should also take notes, summarize and use visual aids to help you remember the information better.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers: Solving the previous year’s question papers can help you understand the exam pattern, difficulty level and types of questions asked. It can also help you practice solving the questions within the given time limit and improve your speed and accuracy.

IGNOU Final Date Sheet

  • Practice Writing Answers: Writing answers is an important skill that can make a difference in your marks. You should practice writing answers for different types of questions, such as short answer, long answer, essay, etc. You should also follow the word limit, format and marking scheme given by IGNOU.
  • Use Diagrams and Flowcharts: Diagrams and flowcharts can help you illustrate complex information and make connections between different concepts. They can also make your answers more attractive and appealing to the examiner. You should use diagrams and flowcharts whenever possible and label them properly.
  • Join a Study Group: Studying with other students can help you learn from each other, clear your doubts, exchange ideas and motivate each other. You can join a study group online or offline and discuss the topics, solve the questions and revise together.
  • Revise Regularly: Revision is essential to consolidate your learning and refresh your memory. You should revise the topics regularly and not leave them for the last minute. You should also revise the important points, formulas, diagrams, etc. before the exam day.
  • Stay Calm and Focused: During the exam, you should stay calm and focused and not panic or get stressed. You should read the questions carefully and understand what is asked. You should also manage your time well and attempt all the questions. You should also check your answers before submitting them.

I hope these tips will help you prepare well for your IGNOU exams. All the best! 😊


What is the last date for June 2023 TEE exam?


Can I skip my IGNOU exams?

If you have not submitted assignments, or missed exams for course/s for which you were registered in any previous semester, you can do so in any subsequent semester as long as it is within the maximum time provided for programme completion.

What are the examination timings of IGNOU?

The IGNOU TEE Date Sheet 2023 Download PDF includes the subject code along with the date and time of the examination. The exams are scheduled to be conducted from morning 10 am to 1 pm and afternoon 2 pm to 5 pm as per the date sheet

Does IGNOU take exams twice a year?

IGNOU exams are held twice a year. One takes place in June, and the other in December.19-Dec-2022

Can I give IGNOU exams online?

No, as of now there is no facility of giving exam from home in IGNOU, if you choose to enroll in IGNOU for any program whether it’s degree at ug/pg level, certificate, diploma etc, you will be required to choose a study centre while filling application form, you will be required to submit assignments prior to appearing …

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