IGNOU Marks Calculator: How to Predict Your Grades Accurately

IGNOU Marks Calculator: How to Predict Your Grades Accurately

In the world of distance education, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) stands as a beacon of learning. It caters to the educational needs of millions of students across the globe. One of the crucial aspects for IGNOU students is calculating their percentage. Whether you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or any other program, understanding how to compute your IGNOU percentage is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

IGNOU Marks Calculator

Understanding IGNOU Marks Calculator

To comprehend the IGNOU percentage calculation, it’s important to know that it’s based on two key components: Assignment Marks and Theory Examination Marks. These components are integral to your journey at IGNOU as they determine your progress and eligibility for a degree certificate from the university.

Assignment Marks (30% Weightage)

Assignments are a vital part of IGNOU’s assessment system. They carry 30% weightage in the overall calculation of your percentage. As a student, you are required to submit your assignments to the coordinator of your study center every semester or year, depending on your course. These assignments test your understanding of the course material and contribute significantly to your final percentage.

Theory Examination Marks (70% Weightage)

IGNOU conducts Term End Examinations twice a year, in the months of June and December. These exams are the culmination of your learning and carry a substantial weightage of 70% in the calculation of your IGNOU percentage. After successfully submitting your assignments, you become eligible to appear for these examinations. Your performance in these exams plays a pivotal role in determining your overall percentage.

How to Calculate Your IGNOU Marks Calculator

Now that we’ve covered the components, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of calculating your IGNOU percentage. It’s important to note that this formula applies universally to all IGNOU courses, ensuring a fair and consistent evaluation.

tained MarksAB
SubjectsAssignmentsTheory30% of Assignments70% of the TheoryTotal (A+B)

Grading System – IGNOU Marks Calculator

Before we dive into the formula, let’s understand the grading system used by IGNOU. Your assignment marks and theory marks are graded based on the percentage you achieve. Here’s a breakdown of the grades along with their remarks:

A80% and Above
B60% to 79.9%
C50% to 59.9%
D40% to 49.9%
EBelow 40%

Percentage Calculation Formula

To calculate your IGNOU percentage, follow this straightforward formula:

  1. Convert your assignment and theory marks into percentages based on the grading system.
  2. Calculate the weighted sum of your assignment marks (30%) and theory marks (70%).
  3. The result is your overall IGNOU percentage.

For example, if you scored an A grade (which corresponds to 70%) in your assignments and a B grade (which corresponds to 60%) in your theory exams, your overall IGNOU percentage would be:

BVery Good


Calculating your IGNOU percentage is a crucial step in your academic journey with the university. It helps you gauge your progress and eligibility for a degree. By following the simple formula and understanding the grading system, you can easily determine your IGNOU percentage.


1. Can I calculate my IGNOU percentage without my assignment marks?

No, assignment marks are an essential component of the IGNOU percentage calculation. You must submit your assignments to be eligible for the calculation.

2. What happens if I miss the June or December Term End Examination?

If you miss the Term End Examination in June, you can appear for it in December, and vice versa, provided you have submitted your assignments.

3. Are there any exemptions in the grading system for specific courses?

No, the grading system remains consistent for all IGNOU courses.

4. How often can I calculate my IGNOU percentage?

You can calculate your IGNOU percentage anytime you receive your assignment and theory marks. It’s a useful way to track your progress throughout your course.

5. Can I calculate my percentage if I have incomplete assignments?

No, to calculate your IGNOU percentage, you must have completed assignments for all the relevant semesters or years.

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