IGNOU Marksheet 2023: Check Dispatch Status Now @ignou. ac.in

IGNOU Marksheet 2023: Check Dispatch Status Now @ignou. ac.in

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is renowned as one of the world’s largest open universities, offering a diverse range of courses to students from various disciplines. After completing their examinations, students eagerly await their Marksheets, which hold great significance in their academic journey. It is crucial for students to stay informed about the Dispatch Status of their IGNOU Marksheets. In this article, we will explore how students can check the Dispatch Status of their IGNOU Marksheets and provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding this process.

IGNOU Marksheet 2023

Importance of IGNOU Marksheet 2023

Marksheets hold immense value for IGNOU students as they serve as tangible evidence of their hard work and academic achievements. These documents validate the successful completion of courses or programs undertaken at IGNOU. Apart from being proof of completion, Marksheets play a pivotal role in pursuing higher education opportunities and employment prospects. They showcase a student’s academic accomplishments and distinguish them from their peers, providing a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Checking the Dispatch Status of IGNOU Marksheet 2023

To check the Dispatch Status of their IGNOU Marksheets, students can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official IGNOU website, which is www.ignou.ac.in.
  2. Navigate to the “Student Support” section on the website.
  3. Look for the “Dispatch Status” option and click on it.
  4. Enter your enrollment number and select the program or course you have completed.
  5. Click on the “Submit” button.
  6. The system will display the current Dispatch Status of your Marksheet.

Understanding the Dispatch Status

Once you have checked the Dispatch Status of your Marksheet, it’s essential to understand the different terms used to describe the status. Here are some common Dispatch Status terms and their meanings:

  1. Dispatched: This status indicates that your Marksheet has been dispatched and is on its way to your registered address.
  2. In Process: If the status shows “In Process,” it means that the Marksheet is currently being prepared for dispatch and will be sent soon.
  3. Dispatch Pending: This status suggests that the Marksheet dispatch is pending, and you may need to wait a little longer before it is sent.
  4. Dispatch Returned: In some cases, the Marksheet may be returned due to incorrect address or other issues. If you see this status, you should contact IGNOU authorities to rectify the situation.

What to Do if IGNOU Marksheet 2023 Dispatch Status is Delayed?

In certain situations, the Marksheet Dispatch Status may be delayed due to various reasons. If you find that your Marksheet has not been dispatched within the expected timeframe, here’s what you can do:

  1. Contact IGNOU Support: Reach out to the IGNOU support team via phone or email to inquire about the delay. Provide them with your enrollment number and relevant details for a quicker resolution.
  2. Visit the Regional Centre: If contacting IGNOU support doesn’t yield a satisfactory response, you can visit your nearest IGNOU regional centre and speak to the officials in person. They will assist you in resolving the issue and provide you with the necessary guidance.

Importance of Receiving Mark Sheets

Receiving the Marksheet is a significant milestone for IGNOU students, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Proof of Completion: The Marksheet serves as proof of completion for the course or program you have undertaken at IGNOU. It validates your efforts and commitment to your studies.
  2. Higher Education Opportunities: Mark sheets are essential when applying for higher education programs or seeking employment opportunities. They provide concrete evidence of your academic achievements, enhancing your chances of success.
  3. Personal Satisfaction: The Marksheet represents your hard work and dedication throughout your studies. Receiving it brings a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment, acknowledging your accomplishments and perseverance.


In conclusion, staying updated on the Dispatch Status of your IGNOU Marksheet is crucial for students eagerly awaiting their academic records. By following the steps outlined above and understanding the various Dispatch Status terms, students can track the progress of their Marksheets effectively. Receiving the Marksheet holds significant value, serving as proof of completion, opening doors to further education and employment prospects, and instilling a sense of personal satisfaction.


  1. Q: Can I check the Dispatch Status of my IGNOU Marksheet online? A: Yes, you can check the Dispatch Status of your IGNOU Marksheet online by visiting the official IGNOU website and navigating to the “Dispatch Status” section under “Student Support.”
  2. Q: What should I do if the Dispatch Status shows “Dispatch Returned”? A: If the Dispatch Status of your Marksheet shows “Dispatch Returned,” it indicates that there might be an issue with the delivery. In such cases, you should contact IGNOU authorities to rectify the situation.
  3. Q: How long does it usually take for the Marksheet to be dispatched? A: The time taken for dispatching the Marksheet can vary depending on several factors. It is advisable to regularly check the Dispatch Status for updates and contact IGNOU support if there is a significant delay.

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