IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023 – Check Now

IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023 – Check Now

IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023 (June & December) – Candidates can calculate their percentage after getting complete results and a grade card from IGNOU University. The percentage is calculated on the basis of the Theory Examination and Assignment Marks. Both are compulsory in IGNOU to complete your program and become eligible to earn a degree certificate from the university.

IGNOU, which stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University, is a renowned distance learning institution in India. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines. As a student pursuing a program at IGNOU, it is important to understand how your percentage is calculated based on your performance in theory examinations and assignments.

IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023

Understanding the IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023

The IGNOU percentage calculation takes into account the marks obtained in both assignments and term-end examinations. Assignments carry a weightage of 30%, while the term-end examinations carry a weightage of 70%. This calculation method is applicable to almost all courses offered by IGNOU.

Obtained Marks
SubjectsAssignmentsTheory30% of Assignments70% of the TheoryTotal (A+B)

Importance of Assignments – IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023

Assignments play a crucial role in determining your overall percentage at IGNOU. You are required to submit assignments to the coordinator of your study center every semester or year, depending on the course. These assignments provide an opportunity to showcase your understanding of the course material and contribute to your final grade.

Term End Examination and Its Weightage

IGNOU conducts Term End Examinations twice a year, in June and December. These exams are a significant component of your overall percentage calculation. The marks obtained in the term-end examinations carry a weightage of 70% in the final calculation.

Grades System for percentage: Students will have to consider the below grading system which is given on the basis of the percentage you get in your examination.

A80% and Above
B60% to 79.9%
C50% to 59.9%
D40% to 49.9%
EBelow 40%

Step-by-Step Guide to IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023

Calculating your IGNOU percentage is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to determine your percentage:

Step 1: Gather the Required Information

Collect the necessary information, including the marks obtained in assignments and the term-end examination.

Step 2: Assign Weightage

Assign a weightage of 30% to the assignment marks and 70% to the term-end examination marks.

Step 3: Calculate the Weighted Marks

Multiply the assignment marks by 0.30 and the term-end examination marks by 0.70.

Step 4: Sum the Weighted Marks

Add the weighted marks obtained in assignments and the term-end examination.

Step 5: Calculate the Percentage

Divide the sum of the weighted marks by the total possible marks and multiply by 100 to obtain your percentage.

Step 6: Round Off the Percentage

Round off your percentage to the nearest whole number.

The letter grading system is used to give grades for your assignment marks and theory marks. Check out the list of grades and remarks below:

BVery Good

Minimum Grade Requirement

To successfully complete a course or program at IGNOU, you must meet certain minimum grade requirements. You need to obtain at least a “D” grade in both assignments and term-end examinations for qualifying a course. However, the overall average should be at least a “C” grade for the successful completion of a program from IGNOU.

As per UGC-CBCS Guidelines IGNOU uses following 10-Point Grading System for Bachelor Degree Programmes under CBCS:

Letter10 Point gradePercentage
O (Outstanding)10>= 85
A+ (Excellent)9>= 75 to < 85
A (Very Good)8>=65 to < 75
B+ (Good)7>=55 to < 65
B (Above Average)6>=50 to < 55
C (Average)5>=40 to < 50
D (Pass)4>=35 to < 40
F (Fail)0< 35
Ab (Absent)0Absent


Calculating your IGNOU percentage is an essential step towards assessing your academic performance and progress at the university. By understanding your assignment and term-end examination marks, and following the step-by-step guide provided, you can easily calculate your IGNOU percentage. Remember to submit your assignments on time and prepare well for the term-end examinations to achieve the best possible results.


Q1: Can I calculate my IGNOU percentage without completing the assignments?

A: No, assignments are a mandatory requirement at IGNOU, and they contribute significantly to your overall percentage calculation. It is important to complete and submit your assignments to determine your final percentage accurately.

Q2: Are the percentage calculation criteria the same for all courses at IGNOU?

A: Yes, the percentage calculation method described in this article is applicable to most courses offered by IGNOU. However, it’s always recommended to refer to the specific guidelines and instructions provided by the university for your program.

Q3: Is there a minimum passing grade for assignments and term-end examinations?

A: Yes, to qualify a course, you need to obtain at least a “D” grade in both assignments and term-end examinations. However, for the successful completion of a program, your overall average should be at least a “C” grade.

Q4: Can I improve my percentage by performing better in the term-end examinations?

A: Yes, since the term-end examinations carry a higher weightage (70%) in the percentage calculation, performing well in these exams can significantly impact your overall percentage. It is essential to prepare thoroughly and strive for good results in the term-end examinations.

Q5: Can I request a re-evaluation of my marks to improve my percentage?

A: Yes, IGNOU provides a re-evaluation process for students who are not satisfied with their marks. You can follow the university’s guidelines and procedures to request a re-evaluation. However, note that there may be specific deadlines and fees associated with this process.

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