IGNOU Assignment Status Updated? Check Now

IGNOU Assignment Status Updated? Check Now

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the largest distance learning universities in the world, providing education to millions of students across India. As part of its evaluation process, IGNOU assigns various assignments to students for different courses. After submitting the assignments, students often wonder about their assessment status and grades. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to check your IGNOU assignment status and help you stay updated on your progress.

Understanding IGNOU Assignment Status

IGNOU assignments are an integral part of the learning process, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of course materials and concepts. These assignments carry weightage in the final evaluation, and students must submit them before the specified deadline.

IGNOU Assignment Status

Importance of Checking IGNOU Assignment Status

Checking your assignment status is crucial to track your progress and identify areas of improvement. It provides insights into your performance, allowing you to work on your weaknesses and perform better in upcoming assignments and exams.

Logging into the IGNOU Website

To access your assignment status, you need to log in to the official IGNOU website. If you are a new user, you must create an account by providing necessary details and creating a password.

Navigating to IGNOU Assignment Status

Once logged in, navigate to the student dashboard. Look for the “Assignment Status” or “Grade Card” section, depending on the website’s layout and design.

Checking Assignment Marks

In the “Assignment Status” section, you will find a list of courses for which you have submitted assignments. Click on the respective course to view the detailed assignment marks.

What if Assignment Status is not Available?

In some cases, you may not find the assignment status immediately after submission. It could be due to the evaluation process still underway. Don’t worry; be patient and check back later. The university usually updates the status within a reasonable time frame.

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Tracking Assignment Evaluation Process

If you feel that the evaluation process is taking too long or there is a discrepancy in the marks awarded, you can reach out to the IGNOU regional center for clarification and assistance. They will guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have.


Checking your IGNOU assignment status is essential to keep track of your academic progress and performance. The online platform provided by IGNOU makes it convenient for students to access their assignment grades and stay informed about their overall performance.


Q1. Can I check my assignment status without logging in to the IGNOU website?

Unfortunately, no. You need to log in to your IGNOU account to access your assignment status.

Q2. How frequently is the assignment status updated on the IGNOU website?

The assignment status is usually updated within a few weeks after the submission deadline.

Q3. What should I do if I find an error in my assignment marks?

In case of any discrepancies, you should contact the IGNOU regional center and follow their instructions to rectify the issue.

Q4. Can I apply for re-evaluation of my assignments?

Yes, IGNOU allows students to apply for re-evaluation if they are not satisfied with their assignment marks. There is a prescribed procedure for the same.

Q5. Can I submit assignments offline instead of using the online submission portal?

Yes, IGNOU provides the option of offline submission for assignments, but online submission is more convenient and recommended.

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