What is the Last Date to Submit Assignments in IGNOU 2023? Check Now

What is the Last Date to Submit Assignments in IGNOU 2023? Check Now

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the largest and most popular open universities in the world. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students who prefer distance education. One of the key components of the learning process at IGNOU is the submission of assignments. These assignments play a crucial role in assessing the students’ understanding of the course material and contribute significantly to their final grades.

Assignments in IGNOU

Assignments in IGNOU

Importance of Assignments in IGNOU

Assignments serve as a bridge between the theoretical concepts taught in the study material and their practical application. Through assignments, students are able to delve deeper into the subject matter, conduct research, and demonstrate their knowledge and critical thinking skills. Moreover, these assignments also provide an opportunity for self-assessment and improvement.

Assignments in IGNOU Submission Process

IGNOU offers two modes of assignment submission: online and offline.

Online Submission

With the advancement of technology, IGNOU has streamlined the assignment submission process by introducing an online platform. Students can now submit their assignments online through the IGNOU regional centre website. The link for assignment submission becomes active for a specific period.

Offline Submission

For students who are unable to submit their assignments online, IGNOU also provides the option of offline submission. In this method, students need to send their completed assignments through post to the respective regional centres.

Last Date for Assignments in IGNOU Submission in 2023

The last date for IGNOU assignment submission in the year 2023 is 30th September 2023. It is imperative for students to adhere to this deadline to avoid any penalty or negative impact on their grades. The submission link on the IGNOU regional centre website will be active until the specified date.

Preparing and Submitting Assignments on Time

As the submission deadline approaches, it is essential for students to manage their time effectively and plan their assignment preparation accordingly.

Time Management

Procrastination is the enemy of timely assignment submission. Students should create a schedule to allocate time for research, writing, and revision. Breaking down the tasks into smaller segments and setting deadlines for each part can make the process more manageable.

Understanding Assignment Guidelines

Before starting the assignment, carefully read and understand the guidelines provided by the university. Pay attention to the word count, formatting requirements, and any specific instructions given by the course instructor.

Consequences of Late Submission

Failing to submit assignments on time can have adverse consequences on a student’s academic progress. Late submissions may lead to a deduction of marks or, in some cases, rejection of the assignment, resulting in a loss of valuable grades.

Tips for Timely Submission

  • Start early: Begin working on assignments as soon as they are handed out.
  • Seek help if needed: If students face difficulties in understanding the questions or concepts, they should reach out to their tutors or professors for clarification.
  • Proofread: Allocate time for proofreading and editing to ensure the assignment is error-free.
  • Plan for contingencies: In case of technical issues or unexpected events, have a backup plan ready to avoid last-minute panic.


Submitting assignments on time is an essential aspect of a student’s journey at IGNOU. It not only showcases their dedication to the learning process but also contributes significantly to their overall academic performance. By following the guidelines and managing their time efficiently, students can make the most out of their assignment submissions.


  1. Can I submit my IGNOU assignments after the deadline?
    • No, late submissions may lead to a deduction of marks or rejection of the assignment.
  2. What happens if I face technical issues while submitting online?
    • In case of technical problems, immediately contact the regional centre for assistance.
  3. Can I submit handwritten assignments?
    • Yes, handwritten assignments can be submitted offline via post to the respective regional centres.
  4. Can I get an extension on the assignment submission deadline?
    • Extensions are generally not granted unless there are valid reasons such as medical emergencies.
  5. Can I submit assignments via email?
    • No, assignments submitted via email are not accepted. Follow the prescribed submission methods only.

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