IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024 – Check Now

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024 – Check Now

Mark your calendars! The IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date for 2024 has been confirmed, especially for those gearing up for the June 2024 Term End Examination. Make sure to take note of the critical details below:

IGNOU Assignment Submission Deadline: 31st March 2024

This deadline applies to all students enrolled in semester-wise or annual courses. Missing this cutoff could lead to unnecessary delays in your academic progress, so ensure timely submission.

IGNOU Assignment Submission

Why Timely IGNOU Assignment Submission Matters:

Completing and submitting assignments on time offers numerous advantages. Not only does it alleviate assignment-related stress, but it also allows you to focus more effectively on exam preparation. Plus, dedicating proper time to assignments often translates to higher marks—a win-win situation!

Key Dates to Remember: IGNOU Assignment Submission

For Semester Programs:

  • Students enrolled in the July 2023 cycle must submit assignments by 30th September 2023 to appear in the TEE December 2023.
  • Likewise, those registered for the January 2024 session need to submit assignments by 31st March 2024 for the TEE June 2024.

For Annual Programs:

  • Candidates enrolled in annual programs starting from July 2023, aiming for final exams in June 2024, must also submit assignments by 31st March 2024.

Preparing for IGNOU Assignments:

Proper preparation is key to acing your assignments and, consequently, your exams. Here are some essential tips to enhance your assignment preparation process:

  1. Thoroughly understand each question before diving into research.
  2. Utilize IGNOU modules and online resources for accurate information.
  3. Initiate the writing process well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes.
  4. Maintain consistent handwriting throughout.
  5. Prioritize a detailed cover page for each assignment, including essential details like program, course, and enrollment information.
  6. Review your assignment meticulously to rectify any errors before submission.

Remember, assignments contribute significantly—30%—to your overall exam grades. Hence, meticulous preparation and timely submission are non-negotiable for academic success.

Understanding Assignment Weightage:

Assignments carry substantial weightage, accounting for 30% of your exam grading. Each subject requires one assignment, with a passing mark set at 40%. Failing to meet this threshold necessitates resubmission in the subsequent cycle to pass the subject.


  1. What is the deadline for IGNOU assignment submission in 2024? The deadline for IGNOU assignment submission in 2024 is 31st March 2024 for TEE June 2024.
  2. Can assignments be submitted after the due date? Missing the deadline mandates resubmission in the next session after six months, unless IGNOU extends the submission date.
  3. Can assignments be submitted after IGNOU exams? While you can still take your exams, pending assignments must be rewritten in the subsequent session.
  4. Is there a late submission fee for assignments in IGNOU? IGNOU does not impose late submission fees; however, missed deadlines necessitate assignment rewriting.
  5. What happens if the assignment deadline is missed? Missing the deadline entails rewriting the assignment in the following session, six months later.

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