IGNOU Marks Card 2023 Dispatch Status – Check Now

IGNOU Marks Card 2023 Dispatch Status – Check Now

There is a question that arises in every student’s mind: how do we get our marksheet? The process of obtaining the marksheet is fully automatic; IGNOU will send your provisional marksheet to your registered address, regional center, or study center.

IGNOU Marks Card 2023

IGNOU Marks Card 2023

If you’re wondering about IGNOU Marksheet dispatch, rest assured that the process is in place. However, it’s essential to note that the Marksheet may take up to 40 – 45 days to be delivered to your specified address.

The time duration for delivery may vary for each candidate. Therefore, if your friend has received their Marksheet and certificates from IGNOU, and you haven’t, there’s no need to panic. Sometimes, deliveries can take longer than expected.

NOTE: IGNOU University does not issue IGNOU Marksheets through online mode, so there’s no option to download the IGNOU Marksheet online.

Things To Verify In The IGNOU Marks Card 2023

When you receive your IGNOU Marks Card, it’s crucial to verify certain details to ensure accuracy:

  • Confirm that the same marks are printed on the marksheet which was shown on the Result page at the IGNOU site.
  • Confirm that the Term-end exam session is written correctly.
  • Verify your Name, Course Code, Percentage, and Grade printed on the Marksheet.

It’s essential to double-check these details to avoid any discrepancies in your academic records.

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In conclusion, the process of receiving your IGNOU Marks Card is automatic, albeit with a waiting period. It’s vital to verify the details on your Marks Card upon receipt to ensure accuracy and resolve any discrepancies promptly.


  1. How long does it take to receive the IGNOU Marks Card?
    • The IGNOU Marks Card typically takes 40 – 45 days to be delivered to your specified address.
  2. What should I do if I haven’t received my IGNOU Marks Card?
    • If you haven’t received your IGNOU Marks Card within the expected timeframe, you can reach out to IGNOU authorities for assistance.
  3. Can I download the IGNOU Marksheet online?
    • No, IGNOU University does not provide the option to download Marksheets online.
  4. What are the important details to verify on the IGNOU Marks Card?
    • It’s crucial to verify the marks, exam session, name, course code, percentage, and grade on the IGNOU Marks Card.
  5. Is it common for IGNOU Marks Cards to be delayed?
    • While delays are not uncommon, IGNOU strives to ensure timely delivery of Marks Cards to all students.

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