IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date Check Now

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date Check Now

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a renowned educational institution that offers various courses and programs to students across India. One essential aspect of pursuing education at IGNOU is the submission of assignments. These assignments play a crucial role in evaluating a student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. However, it is essential for students to be aware of the last date for IGNOU assignment submission to avoid any potential consequences. In this article, we will explore the significance of the last date for assignment submission at IGNOU and provide essential information to help students meet the deadline effectively.

IGNOU Assignment Submission

Understanding the Importance of the Last Date – IGNOU Assignment Submission

The last date for IGNOU assignment submission holds significant importance in the academic journey of students. Here are a few reasons why students should adhere to the assigned deadline:

1. Evaluation and Grading

Assignments contribute to a substantial portion of the overall grades in IGNOU courses. Meeting the last date ensures that the assignments reach the evaluator on time, allowing them to assess and grade the work promptly. Submitting assignments after the deadline may result in penalties or even rejection of the assignment, leading to a negative impact on the final grades.

2. Learning and Self-Discipline

Adhering to the last date for assignment submission promotes self-discipline and time management skills among students. It instills a sense of responsibility and dedication towards completing tasks within specified timelines. By meeting the submission deadline, students learn to prioritize their academic commitments effectively.

3. Avoiding Re-registration

Non-compliance with the last date for assignment submission can have serious consequences, such as disqualification from appearing in the term-end examination or requiring re-registration for the course. This can lead to unnecessary delays in completing the program and further impact the student’s academic progress.

Guidelines for IGNOU Assignment Submission

To ensure a smooth and successful assignment submission process, here are some essential guidelines for IGNOU students:

1. Know Your Last Date

It is crucial to be aware of the last date for assignment submission for each course you are enrolled in. IGNOU provides a detailed schedule with specific dates for assignment submission. Students can find this information in their course guides or by accessing the official IGNOU website.

2. Prepare and Organize

Once you are aware of the assignment submission deadline, create a study plan to manage your time effectively. Break down the assignment into smaller tasks and allocate dedicated time for research, writing, and revision. Organize your resources and gather all the necessary materials before starting the assignment.

3. Follow the Format

IGNOU assignments often have specific formatting guidelines that students must adhere to. Pay attention to the prescribed format, word count, font style, line spacing, referencing style, and any other instructions provided by the course coordinator. Following the format correctly showcases your attention to detail and professionalism.

4. Proofread and Revise

Before submitting your assignment, take the time to proofread and revise your work. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and ensure the assignment flows logically. Make sure all the necessary sections are included and properly cited. A well-presented assignment reflects your commitment to quality work.

5. Submission Channels

IGNOU provides multiple submission channels for assignments, including online submission through the eGyankosh platform and offline submission through the study centers. Be aware of the designated submission method for each course and follow the instructions provided by IGNOU.


Meeting the last date for IGNOU assignment submission is crucial for students pursuing courses at IGNOU. It ensures timely evaluation, enhances learning and self-discipline, and helps students avoid unnecessary complications in their academic journey. By following the guidelines provided by IGNOU and staying organized, students can submit their assignments with confidence and maximize their chances of academic success.


Q1. What should I do if I miss the assignment submission deadline?

A. Contact your course coordinator or study center immediately to discuss the situation and explore possible solutions. They may provide guidance on submitting the assignment with a penalty or offer an alternative arrangement.

Q2. Can I request an extension for the assignment submission deadline?

A. IGNOU allows students to request an extension for valid reasons, such as medical emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. However, extensions are granted at the discretion of the university, and supporting documentation may be required.

Q3. Can I submit assignments online?

A. Yes, IGNOU offers online submission facilities for select programs. Refer to the assignment guidelines and the official IGNOU website for instructions on online submission.

Q4. How can I check the status of my assignment submission?

A. You can track the status of your assignment submission through the IGNOU online portal. Login to your student account, navigate to the assignment section, and check for any updates or notifications.

Q5. Is it possible to resubmit an assignment if I am not satisfied with the grade?

A. No, IGNOU does not allow students to resubmit assignments once they have been graded and evaluated. Therefore, it is essential to give your best effort during the initial submission.

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