Why IGNOU Assignment June 2023 Status Not Updated? Check Now

Why IGNOU Assignment June 2023 Status Not Updated? Check Now

IGNOU, a renowned open university in India, offers distance education programs to a vast number of students across the country. As part of their academic curriculum, students are required to submit assignments within specified deadlines. These assignments play a crucial role in evaluating their understanding of the subjects and contribute to their final grades.

IGNOU Assignment

Understanding IGNOU Assignment Status

Before delving into the reasons for delayed assignment status updates, let’s clarify what “assignment status” refers to. When you submit your assignment to IGNOU, it goes through an evaluation process. The assignment status indicates whether your assignment has been received, evaluated, or if any further action is required.

Reasons for Delay in IGNOU Assignment Status Update

Technical Glitches

One of the primary reasons for delayed assignment status updates is technical glitches in the online system. As IGNOU handles a massive volume of submissions, occasional technical issues can arise, causing delays in updating the assignment status. These glitches may be temporary, but they can still disrupt the normal flow of updates.

Overwhelming Number of Submissions

IGNOU receives an overwhelming number of assignments from students across various courses and programs. During peak submission periods, such as the end of a semester, the volume of assignments can become immense. The university’s evaluation process may struggle to keep up with the influx, resulting in delays in updating the assignment status.

Manual Evaluation Process

IGNOU follows a manual evaluation process for assignments, which involves faculty members reviewing and grading each submission individually. While this process ensures a thorough evaluation, it also introduces the possibility of delays. Faculty members have multiple responsibilities and a limited timeframe to evaluate a large number of assignments, leading to delays in updating the assignment status.

Impact on Students – IGNOU Assignment

The delay in assignment status updates can have a significant impact on students. Firstly, it creates uncertainty and anxiety, as students are left unaware of whether their assignments have been received or evaluated. This lack of clarity can disrupt their study plans and cause unnecessary stress. Secondly, without updated assignment statuses, students may not be able to identify and rectify any errors or deficiencies in their submissions promptly.

Tips to Deal with Delayed Assignment Status Updates- IGNOU Assignment

While waiting for the assignment status to be updated, you can employ certain strategies to manage the situation effectively:

Patience and Persistence

The key is to remain patient and persistent. Understand that the university receives a high volume of assignments, and the evaluation process takes time. Keep checking the online portal regularly for any updates and avoid panicking prematurely.

Seeking Clarification

If the delay persists for an extended period or you have concerns about your assignment, consider seeking clarification from your course coordinator or reaching out to the IGNOU student support helpline. They can provide you with relevant information and guidance.

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Utilizing Alternative Resources

In the absence of assignment status updates, explore alternative resources. Engage in discussions with fellow students, participate in online forums or study groups, and seek assistance from tutors or mentors. These resources can help you stay on track with your studies while waiting for the assignment status to be updated.

Time Management

Use the delay as an opportunity to manage your time effectively. Focus on other aspects of your studies, such as reading course materials, preparing for upcoming exams, or working on other assignments. By utilizing your time productively, you can minimize the impact of the delay on your overall academic progress.


While it can be frustrating when your IGNOU assignment status is not updated, it’s essential to remain calm and proactive. Technical glitches, overwhelming submissions, and the manual evaluation process are some of the reasons for delays. By practicing patience, seeking clarification, utilizing alternative resources, and managing your time effectively, you can navigate this situation with greater ease.


  1. How long does it usually take for IGNOU assignment status to be updated? The duration can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks to a couple of months for the assignment status to be updated, depending on the volume of submissions and the evaluation process.
  2. Can I contact IGNOU for updates on my assignment status? Yes, you can contact your course coordinator or reach out to the IGNOU student support helpline for updates on your assignment status and seek clarification if needed.
  3. Is there a way to expedite the assignment status update process? Unfortunately, the assignment status update process is primarily dependent on the evaluation workload and the university’s internal processes. However, seeking timely clarification and following up with relevant authorities can sometimes help expedite the update.
  4. What should I do if my assignment status remains unchanged for a long time? If your assignment status remains unchanged for an extended period, consider reaching out to your course coordinator or the IGNOU student support helpline to inquire about the delay and seek guidance.
  5. Does a delayed assignment status affect my overall grades? No, a delayed assignment status does not directly impact your overall grades. Your grades are determined based on the evaluation of your assignments, and the assignment status update is merely an indicator of the progress of that evaluation process.

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