IGNOU: How to Calculate Total Marks or Percentage; A Comprehensive Guide

IGNOU: How to Calculate Total Marks or Percentage; A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree Programme at IGNOU, you’ve probably encountered the need to calculate your total marks or percentage at some point. IGNOU employs a 10-Point Grading System for evaluating students’ achievements, and understanding how to compute your total marks or percentage can be crucial for assessing your academic progress. In this article, we will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring that you grasp the calculations with ease.


Understanding IGNOU ‘s 10-Point Grading System

Before diving into the calculations, let’s briefly understand IGNOU’s 10-Point Grading System, which is in accordance with the UGC-CBCS Guidelines. This system categorizes students’ performance as follows:

  • O (Outstanding): Achieving above 85%
  • A+ (Excellent): Attaining between 75% and 85%
  • A (Very Good): Scoring within 65% to 75%
  • B+ (Good): Falling within 55% to 65%
  • B (Above Average): Securing between 50% and 55%
  • C (Average): Obtaining marks ranging from 40% to 50%
  • D (Pass): Scoring between 35% and 40%
  • F (Fail): Earning less than 35%
  • Ab (Absent): Not appearing for the assessment

Step-by-Step IGNOU Calculation Process

Now, let’s proceed to the detailed steps for calculating your total marks or percentage at IGNOU:

Step 1: Calculate Assignment Marks Contribution

Assignments play a crucial role in your overall assessment. To compute the assignment marks’ contribution, use the formula:

30% of Assignment Marks = Assignment marks × 30/100

Step 2: Calculate Term-End Examination (TEE) Marks Contribution

The TEE marks are a significant component of your evaluation. Calculate the TEE marks’ contribution using the formula:

70% of TEE Marks = TEE marks × 70/100

Step 3: Calculate Total Marks in a Subject

To determine the total marks in a subject, simply add the contributions from assignments and TEE:

Total Marks in a Subject = 30% of Assignment Marks + 70% of TEE Marks

Step 4: Calculate Total Marks Obtained

Sum up the total marks obtained across all subjects:

Total Marks Obtained = Sum of all Subject Marks

Step 5: Calculate Percentage

Finally, compute your overall percentage using the formula:

Percentage = (Total Marks Obtained / Total Marks) × 100

For instance, if you’ve obtained 603.6 out of 800 marks, your percentage would be:

Percentage = (603.6 / 800) × 100 = 75.45%


Calculating your total marks or percentage at IGNOU doesn’t have to be daunting. By following the step-by-step guide provided here, you can confidently assess your academic performance and set goals for improvement. Remember that consistent effort and dedication are key to achieving your desired grades.


1. Is IGNOU’s 10-Point Grading System the same for all courses? Yes, IGNOU’s 10-Point Grading System is applied uniformly across all Bachelor Degree Programmes under CBCS.

2. Can I pass a subject if I score below 35% in both assignments and TEE? No, you must achieve a minimum of 35% to pass a subject, regardless of the contributions from assignments and TEE.

3. Are there any exceptions to the grading system for special cases? The 10-Point Grading System is generally standard, but special cases might be considered based on academic regulations.

4. Can I improve my grades by retaking assignments or the TEE? Reassessment opportunities might be available in certain cases. Refer to IGNOU’s guidelines for more information.

5. How often is the grading system updated? Grading systems are subject to change, so it’s recommended to stay updated with the latest information provided by IGNOU.

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