IGNOU Student ID Card 2023: Easy Online Download Steps

IGNOU Student ID Card 2023: Easy Online Download Steps

Are you a proud IGNOU student? Congratulations on your admission to the prestigious IGNOU University! One of the very first things you need to do is obtain your IGNOU Student ID Card. This card is not just a formality; it’s a mandatory and vital piece of identification you’ll need for various IGNOU events and academic activities.

IGNOU Student ID Card

How to Download Your IGNOU Student ID Card

Downloading your IGNOU ID card is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps to have it on your device:

Step 1: Access the IGNOU ID Card Portal

First, go to the official IGNOU ID Card portal by clicking on our provided link.

Step 2: Log In

Enter your correct username and password in the designated fields. Ensure they are accurate.

Step 3: Solve the Captcha

Complete the captcha code to prove you’re not a robot.

Step 4: Click on ‘Login’

After filling in the necessary information, click the ‘Login’ button.

Step 5: Access ‘Services’ and Select ‘ID Card Download’

Once logged in, click on ‘Services’ and select ‘ID Card Download.’

Step 6: Download the PDF

Your ID card will be available as a PDF download. Use your enrollment number as the password to view your ID card.

That’s it! You now have access to your digital IGNOU ID Card. You can either print it or save it on your device, whether it’s a mobile or a computer.

IGNOU Student ID Card for January 2023

If you are part of the January 2023 admission session, follow this link to download your IGNOU ID card: [Click Here to Download IGNOU ID Card (For January 2023 Session)](Click Here to Download IGNOU ID Card).

IGNOU Student ID Card for July 2022 and Earlier

For students admitted in July 2022, January 2022, July 2021, January 2021, July 2020, or earlier sessions, use this link to obtain your ID Card: [Click Here to Download IGNOU ID Card).

Please ensure you only use the official links provided by the university for downloading your ID Card.

Can You Collect the IGNOU ID Card Offline?

Certainly, if you’ve opted for offline admission, you’ll need to collect your ID card from the regional IGNOU center. It’s essential to have the ID card attested by the regional center to validate it. If you’ve enrolled online but encounter issues while downloading your ID card, you can also pick up a printed version from your regional center.

The Significance of the IGNOU ID Card

Your IGNOU ID Card is your key to various IGNOU events and academic activities. Always keep a copy with you when participating in the following IGNOU occasions:

  • Submitting IGNOU Assignments: Your ID card is required when submitting assignments to the study or regional center.
  • Term End Examinations: It’s a must-have for your Term End Examinations at IGNOU Exam Centers.
  • Practical Examinations: Essential for practical examinations.
  • Counseling Sessions: You’ll need it for counseling sessions.
  • IGNOU Convocation Event: An essential item for convocation.
  • IGNOU Job Fair: Required for the job fair.

Lost Your IGNOU ID Card? Here’s How to Get a Duplicate

If you’ve lost your IGNOU ID card, don’t panic. You have two options:

  1. Application at the Regional Center: Visit your regional center’s office, submit an application, and obtain a duplicate ID card.
  2. Online Download: Alternatively, you can download the duplicate card from the IGNOU Online Admission Portal.

After Downloading Your IGNOU ID Card

We strongly advise all students to verify the information on their ID card, including their name, course code, and session. It’s crucial to correct any inaccuracies before your first term-end examination. Any errors on your ID card will be reflected on your marksheet and certificate, so it’s vital to ensure it’s accurate.

What to Do If You Haven’t Received Your ID Card

If you haven’t received your ID card even after receiving a confirmation message or email from IGNOU, take the following steps:

  • Email csrc@ignou.ac.in for online ID card issuance.
  • Register your complaint at the IGNOU IGRAM portal.
  • Visit your concerned regional center in person to obtain the printed ID card.

Your IGNOU ID Card is more than just an identification document; it’s your gateway to an array of academic opportunities and events at IGNOU. Make sure to download and keep it safe to make the most of your IGNOU journey.


1. What is an IGNOU Student ID Card?

  • An IGNOU Student ID Card is an official identification card issued by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) to its enrolled students. It serves as a proof of identity and is necessary for various academic and administrative purposes.

2. Who is eligible to receive an IGNOU ID Card?

  • All students who have confirmed admission to IGNOU in any course are eligible to receive an IGNOU ID Card. This includes both online and offline admissions.

4. What if I can’t download my IGNOU ID Card online?

  • If you face difficulties downloading your ID card online, you can visit your regional IGNOU center to collect a printed ID card. This option is available to both online and offline admissions.

5. What should I do after downloading my IGNOU ID Card?

  • After downloading your ID Card, ensure that all the details, such as your name, course code, and session, are correct. If you find any errors, it’s essential to rectify them before your first term-end examination.

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